Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Educational Philosophy

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As a new graduate student with no teaching experience, I have only my personal experience and observations from which to create an educational philosophy. I believe that each child has a different style of learning and that my job as an educator is to meet the needs of all my students. I believe that each student goes through the same basic ordering from concrete to semi concrete to abstract in conceptualizing ideas; my job is to present lessons in a relevant manner so that the material is presented in an appropriate manner for each student. I recognize that there is no one way to learn nor is there only one way to teach, rather there are a range of effective teaching methods to be employed to ensure that all children acquire mastery of the subject matter.

Since knowledge is the sum of all experiences, each bit of material presented in school, at home, and in social settings adds to ones knowledge base. To cease to learn is to cease to live.

From my personal experience with my children attending school in the local school district, I feel that the method of teaching in the local school district is a disservice to my children because the emphasis is on regurgitation of memorized facts rather than higher-order thinking. In other words, they are being taught what to think, not how to think. I prefer to teach students how to think.

As an educator, my duties include providing an environment rich with opportunities to learn while embracing cultural diversity and recognizing individual worth. I recognize that I will not enter my first teaching experience with all the answers, so I will work on looking at problems from multiple perspectives; I will carefully consider consequences of actions; and I will wholeheartedly embrace changes which improve the learning outcome.

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I have seen 5 years of change in education both directly as a student and indirectly as the child of an educator (English teacher). I understand that there are certain requirements for record keeping which must be accomplished, though I wish to maximize educational time within the classroom and outside the class as I interact with the students.

I wish to impart my love for Mathematics to the next generation so that perhaps some of the students I teach will choose to enter the teaching profession and continue the cycle of learning with the following generation of students.

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