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Cold War

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Many events have occurred in America that have created fear and a feeling of uneasiness in the American people. One scary event would be that of the Cold War in the aftermath of World War Two.

In the 140s and 150s, many fears were aroused in Americans by the Soviet Union. One reason was why the American feared the Soviet was because the Soviet had nuclear bombs. Many people built and installed bomb shelters. They filled these shelters with canned foods and emergency equipment. Most people event practiced emergency escapes when a warning (test) siren. The other reason was that the Soviet was the first to put up an orbiting satellite, which was Sputnik.

However, the American greatest fear was communism. The President of Guatemala, Arbenz Guzman, wanted to help Guatemala’s Indians and landless poor. He adopted a program land reform and seized with compensation 4,000 acres of land, much of it unused from the United Fruit Company and distributed it among the landless peasants. The U.S. ambassador said that even though Arbenz’s cabinet and top advisors were not Communists, Arbenz thought too much like a Communists, and that unless he were removed, communism would take over Central America.

In 15, a CIA plan to overthrow Arbenz was approved by Eisenhower. The CIA gave Guatemalans who had fled the Arbenz regime military training in Nicaragua and Honduras. Arbenz asked the Soviets for help, and he received an enormous shipment of arms from Czechoslovakia in May of 154. In June, he proclaimed a dictatorship. On June 18, after an airlift of arms from the U.S., several hundred CIA-trained exiles invaded Guatemala. Arbenz did not receive support from the Guatemalan army, and so his government collapsed, and he fled to Czechoslovakia. Colonel Castillo Armas was the leader of the new government that was immediately recognized by the Washington, and so was given economic aid. Though this plan of the CIA was a great success, and would be referred to as the “Guatemala solution,” not everyone agreed with the method. It expanded Latin-American fears of U.S. dominion.

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