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hamlet and ophelia

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v Ophelia sacrifices her life for one answer � who is there behind Hamlets madness? Is it me?

v Ophelia is still a child, from her personality, from the way she behaves and looks like. She cant be more than 16. If Hamlet married Ophelia now it would be like some kind of parallel to his father and mothers marriage (Gertrude is 45..if Hamlet is 0..she was 15 years old when she got married, king Hamlet 60)

v Laertes warning Ophelia about Hamlet � trifling of his favour’- his love is trifling/worthless, hold it a fashion (common mannerism) and a toy in blood (blood emotions). It looks as real, but its not. Bombarding her with images- a violet (image of short-lived love)-because this flowers blooms and withers in one day � the perfume and suppliance of one minute

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v Laertes is a very good brother, dutiful, realistic. He tells her that her personality will change with time and that Hamlet perhaps even loves her now but that is not a guarantee for future. Hamlet has no responsibilities now, he can enjoy love now, but you must fear, his greatness waits, he has already been announced as prince of the country. He is subject of his birth, his will is not his own. He will probably have to make political marriage.

v Mans concern for woman is never genuine. The passion is esentially physical. All what we call love is physical passion. Laertes is realist and his interpertation of love is rational. Polonious also said the similar thing.

v fear it Ophelia, fear it my dear sister � his concern here is scandal � if a girl unmasks her face to moon, even if girl does something in privacy that is not in accordance with moral roles, it will ruin her reputation.

v His concern � women were still considered properties my dear sister if you are violated, think of your reputation, therefore our reputation

v if with too credent ear you list his songs, or lose your heart or your chest treasure open, to his unmastered imortunity � if you really fall in love and lose your virginity to this uncontrolled/unmastered man, he can do anything, he may exploy you physically

v ‘best safety lies in fear’

v Laertes concerns cannot be undermined-he speaks as a concerned brother and as a serious grown-up man who knows human nature very well

v Ophelia laughing at him. ‘We are human we must make mistakes, God has given us a sense of sin, we are born with it’

v The only real sin is to breech the other people’s sanctities

v She obeys the rules of love and Hamlet is the first one to break through the norms-he doesn’t abide the principles of love. He hurts Ophelia.

v Act II, Scene I � Hamlet’s first encounter with Ophelia-her father has already warned her not to see Hamlet but she met him.

v Late hour at the night, Ophelia sewing in her closet

v Hamlet achieved what he wanted, that all of the country thought that he was mad.

v Great planning, but what about Ophelia? He is using her, she is the most unfortunate of woman, if there is tragedy in the play � it’s only Ophelia’s. Her death is the only innocent. She loves everybody, and suffers the most. Hamlet’s lunacy will continue.

v Polonius brings the Queen the letter that Hamlet wrote to Ophelia � he’s around 0, intellectual, and yet he uses phrases, sounds, like high school student, bad grammar, not one of an intellectual. We don’t know where the letter was composed, but it doesn’t befit an intellectual part. Either he is not such a glorified person/character as critics claim, or he’s very cunning. He knows what vocabulary to be used with this young girl (teenager). He swore by saints, by Jesus that he loves her, enough to persuade her. Hamlet knows how to react under some circumstances.

v Exploitation of a young girl.

v Coversation between Hamlet and Polonius � ‘ Let her not walk i the sun conception is a blessing but not as your daughter may conceive. � walking in the sun � term used for women with bad reputation/prostitutes-indirectly he is calling Ophelia prostitute.

v After Hamlet killed Polonius, her father, Ophelia goes to Queen. She believes that Queen lied and that the murderer was saved. She hates Hamlet and wants her brother to take revenge. Hamlet has destroyed them all.

v I loved Ophelia forty thousand brothers

Could not, with all their quantity of love,

Make up my sum. What wilt thou do for her?- this is a sentence of a shocked and frustrated man. The statement has no romance in it. It is not a statement that confirms love. It is competitive. Trying to prove that his sorrow is greater than others. He is frustrated because he is the guilty one. Hamlet enjoys to believe that he is more sinned against than sinning. He is wronged more than he wronged the otheres. This is all he said on Ophelias death

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