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Advertising has a big influence on us today. Every time you turn on your telly you’ll see a commercial. That is not a problem, but when it comes to junk food ads and other ads with unhealthy products, there is a problem. And it is a big problem. Fatness is on of the world’s biggest problems. And if we’ll like to chance our children’s future, we have to do something. And that “something” could be a ban for children advertising. Especially junk food ads which is unhealthy and damaging the children. Such as food form McDonalds and Burger King.

The commercials try to tell the children that the product is one of there friends, e.g. Sunny Delight. To sell the products, the companies use heroes (Superman, Hercules and Batman) and celebrities,(Pepsi with Spice Girls and Britney). Let us make an example. Brian is on shopping with his mommy, and they go through breakfast products. Brian sees a product from Kellogg’s with Hercules on the packing. With the text” Collect the 7 Hercules characters and play with your friends.” Then the classic line comes” Mom… Can I have one of these?”

Mommy knows that Brian doesn’t like Kellogg’s products, but that can she do?

That is therefore the co-ops don’t want to have that kind of ads in the Prime time fore children. The Television Commission is disagree with the co-ops. The Television Commission thinks that the children by them self can se the plot in a commercial.

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But other countries have a ban for commercial pointed at children. The Swedish Television Commission has a ban for commercial pointed at children there are under 1 years old. I don’t think that it is a good idea, because the children at this age self can choose that they buy. Most parents’ give their kids pocket money. And then they turn 1 they can by them self buy the things they want to have. I don’t think at Kellogg’s but things like cola and McDonalds. I think they must rise the age to 15 or 16. Because boys and girls are fully developed, and can distinguish the plot in a commercial.

The Netherlands way to tackle the problem think I is the best. No ads and commercial pointed at children and young people. It is easy and it solve the problem, and it do it a 100%. It will be a good idea to do this in Denmark as well, if you look in a first class, you will see that between � 10 % of the kids are too heavy. And we can solve the problem by ban the ads.

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