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Young Goodman Brown

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Central Character- Goodman Brown is the central character in the short story titled Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne. He is a very naive and immature young man who fails to understand the gravity if the step he has taken. As we read at the beginning of the story we know that he is a recently married man. Throughout his journey he is going to be making choices that is going to effect the rest of his life.

Background- At the beginning of the story it tells us that the setting is at Salem village. This is a place that has been known for witchcraft. As the story progresses, the setting becomes more disturbed. Most of the story takes place in a forest area, where Goodman Brown is taking a journey down a path to the Devil. As the story ends, Goodman Brown travels back into Salem village to his family, and dies an old man.

Action- Throughout this story, Young Goodman Brown is taking a journey to determine his future. Whether it was a dream or in real life, the story leaves the decision up for you to decide. Goodman Brown has to make decisions along his path the determines whether he chooses good with God or evil with Satan

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Situation- Goodman Brown has to choose between good and evil throughout this story. As he goes along the path in the forest, he notices several individuals from the village that he had great respect for. They were councilmen, board members, and churchmen that he communicated with everyday. I believe that once he saw that they were following the footsteps of Satan, he was exposed to realization the people in the village were not what they seem to be. While they preached, read, and taught about God, they were actually hypocrites, because they followed Satan.

Conflict- The conflict in the story is between good and evil. Goodman Brown

had to make individual choices to determine his future. Even though there was temptations along the path that he followed, he had the ultimate decision on whether to stay devoted to God, or follow Satan and belong to his world.

When I read this story, I noticed that each individual could think of a way to interpret this story. I believe that the meaning of this story is that throughout our lives we are going to go down paths that are going to temp us choose between good and evil. Whether we let these temptations determines the path we choose is up to the individual. We are going to meet several people in our lives like the Salem villagers. These people are hypocrites by acting like they believe in God, but then the next day follow a different path to Satan. The ultimate decision is ours whether we let others decide our path or we take control and choose our own.

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