Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tomorrow,when the war began.

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The main characters of this book are Ellie, Corrie, Homer, Robyn, Kevin Lee and Fi. They call themselves eSecret Sevenf by the way. They lived in rural and peace. They went to school and helped some farm work as normal children. They were extremely normal boys and girls before it happened.

It all began when Ellie and Corrie said they wanted to go bush, go feral for a few days over the Christmas holidays. They went to mountain called Hell. They stayed there for a while and when they came back, they found everything was wrong and strange. Elliefs dogs were dead. Nobody was at home. Nobody was in town. Finally, they recognized that war was happening from a radio. An unknown country had invaded Australia.

They had a discussion to decide if they would get out of the safe place and do something about it or not. Eventually, they decided to involve the war and help their relatives and mates. Just after this decision, Fi, she was a graceful and beautiful town bred girl, said ecOur parents wouldnft want us dead in exchange for them living. In a way wefre what gives their lives their meaning. But we canft be bound by that. We have to do whatfs right for us. We have to find meanings for our own lives, and this might be one of the ways we do it.f This was the first change of them that we could easily find.@@Ellie described Fi eShe looked like shefd never done any hard work in her life, never been in the sun, never got her hands dirty, and that was all true, because unlike us rural she lived in town and spent more time playing piano than drenching sheep or marking lambs.f

At first they, especially girls, hesitated to do barbarous things. But as soon as they realized that they had to do it to live and help people, they started doing it. They hurt the enemies, they stole groceries, and they exploded a bridge to cut supply off and so on. It seemed that they were a little bit enjoying doing that kind of things. People can change not only generous but also cruel.

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They also learned that they had to be always very alert by themselves. They always set a guard when they slept. They moved around only when it was dark.

They also learned what it was to be in love. Two new couples were made, Ellie and Lee, Fi and Homer. None of them had ever had boyfriends and girlfriends. Especially Homer and Fi, they hesitated to get know each other at first, but they were like a very close couple at last. There were three couples in the end so only Robyn didnft have boyfriend. Bad luck.

Generally speaking they all have become more mature than before. They thought a lot about things they had to do. There is a phrase in the end of chapter one eWefve learned a lot and wefve had to figure out whatfs important, what matters, what really matters.f They know whatfs important, what really matters now. They have changed.

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