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Pagan Night

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Argue the point whether or not you believe that Sunny felt love for Dalton. Use examples from the story to support your decision.

What is love? What is needed to define love? Both of these questions have no definite answer; the answer is determined by the person who either feels or shows this emotion. In “Pagan Night,” we see a couple by the name of Sunny and Dalton. In this paper I will write to explain how much love Sunny in fact did have for Dalton. Sunny in the story must deal with numerous hardships, but tackled them head on to make sure Dalton remained happy.

“Pagan Night” uses the story of two young “rock stars” to show just how strong love is. The story begins with the birth of Sunny and Dalton’s son. This son throughout the story never receives a name. This shows how unprepared and neglectful the parents were. Shortly after the birth of their son their dreams of a rock and roll lifestyle came crashing down when the band split up. So Sunny and Dalton hit the road. They are quickly selling band equipment in exchange for drugs. Their lifestyle is changing ever so quickly and Dalton is continuously riddled with the sound of his son crying. Dalton is becoming stressed with the idea of having a son and the idea that he now has to provide for this other human being. But how, he can barely provide for himself. Their life has vastly changed over the past months and Dalton is struggling to accept all of this change. Sunny on the other hand is the strong willed one of the family. She is continuously trying to make ends meet and supply for the babies needs. But reality is quickly setting in that all of this may not be possible.

The family of three is now living in a van. They have no other place of shelter except for the old rugged van. Sunny tries to escape the van as much as possible, but as always is accompanied by the young child. Of course Dalton wants really nothing to do with his son. But he has been against his existence from his birth. This I believe is where you begin to see just how strong the love of Sunny is towards Dalton. Not only has she supported him in the past with all of his band activities but she is now taking care of the baby totally by herself, just so her husband will have no responsibility. Although this is not my definition of true love, this I believe is the only way that Sunny can show Dalton love.

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Sunny does whatever needs to be done so that Dalton will feel no level of discomfort. Sunny must keep the baby silent at all times in fear that Dalton will leave her. This is another example of just how in love she is with her husband. She is willing to spend all of her days making sure Dalton is happy. This is definitely a great symbol of love. While walking around one day Sunny realizes just how much her life has changed over the past months and she is becoming increasingly worried and scared if she will really be able to take care of this child. Sunny has become concerned with her unstable life and is desperately in need of some balance in her life.

In search of food the family would take trips down to the Snake River where Dalton would fish for trout to feed the family that night. Luckily the child was still young enough to survive on breast milk so that was one less hassle the family faced. On their way to the river they would walk over railroad trestles and Sunny talks about how she can see through the trestles to crashing water below and she repeatedly drills Dalton about what they would do if a train would appear why they were on the trestles. He explains the whole situation and tells her that they would just step onto a metal overhang.

At this point in the story you start to Sunny becoming really frightened. She thinks the onset of winter ahead is going to do the family in for good. During these stressful times, it is calming to her to think of Marilyn Monroe. But her intense love for Dalton would show through again when Dalton senses her uneasiness and confronts her about it. But she would hide her uncertainty of the winter just so that Dalton would not become worried as well. Sunny is sacrificing so much for this relationship. She is taking on the burden of the child as well as the burden of grin and bearing every hardship that she encounters. She is doing all of this just so that Dalton may live a peaceful and relaxing life.

Towards the end of the story Sunny starts to become more and more stressed with the child. She contemplates different ideas on how maybe she could just “lose” her child. She debates leaving her son at the river or even goes as far as thinking maybe she could just drop him in the river. What an insane thought but it is the love for Dalton that is driving her to do all of this.

In this story it shows just how extreme one’s love can be for another. The love that Sunny feels for Dalton is so intense that she contemplates the death of her own child so that the couple may live a simpler life. This is love. No if, ands, or buts, the passion that was shown towards Dalton in this story was none other than love. This story establishes how vast love is and the extremes people will go to, to prove their love to one another.

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