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making meaning from still life

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This module is constructed for a year 7 class using level 4 outcomes. The outcomes that will be assessed in this module are Visual Arts outcomes 4.1 and 4..

Artworks are the product of human intellect and emotion thereby making contemplation, knowledge and understanding of art an invaluable aid in gaining a further understanding of life ( Hirsh, 16). This module is constructed so that children will not only become better artists by learning the fundamentals of drawing it is also constructed so children will be come better rounded in the arts by being exposed to the history and the meaning behind the artwork process.

Still lifes are a very large and important genre of the art world. But, without an appreciation for why they came about and what they represent many will seem them as just drawings of fruit and vases.

This module gives students the opportunity to understand where still lifes originated and why. It also illustrates how still lifes have changed through time as they were first created as a sign of wealth to their evolution of being a symbol in Pop Art of social rebellion. By giving students this knowledge they will be better prepared to express meaning in their own personally created still lifes.

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Students will begin creating their own still lifes on the basic drawing level that way everyone starts off with a strong foundation. They will learn the basic drawing techniques of breaking complex shapes down into simple shapes that are easier to draw. From here they will then practice drawing basic -D shapes. Each week will then be like building block adding on to what they have learned from the previous art lesson. Starting from basic sketching of -D shapes to placement and proportion, shading, drawing shadows, sketching light reflection, and finally color students will have an understanding of some of the major concepts of drawing. The module is constructed this way so that students have the most instruction in the beginning. The art lessons are narrow of scope at the start so as not to overwhelm students ( Allen, 175). But as they develop their art skills and the lessons proceed there is more opportunities for individual creativity until there is very little instruction and children can use the skills they have obtained to create a masterpiece all on their own.

Throughout the module students will have a chance to ask questions about the art process and receive feedback on their individual progress. By keeping a student folio teachers and students can work together to assess the progress. Empowering students by letting them be an active participant in their own evaluation.

Students will then show their understanding of the outcomes by creating their very own still life entitled “What it means to be a kid in Australia today?” To express this topic successfully students will have to choose their own objects and then draw them in a way that manipulates that meaning to a wider audience, their classmates.

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