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Are facts so stubborn that they can not be modified by subjective experience and inclination of any individual? The author cliams so. And I agree with it partly.

What is the fact? It is not a sole thing existing in here or there in our actual world but comes from quotidian observation and experience and summarization from actual world depending on different individuals. Each one of facts is actually so-called thing that narrow down and locate the counterpart of the realistic world. You can say your judgment is only a relative fact at present, absolutely, not a fact. The well-known story - Is the Earth or the Sun center of world?(I paraphase)- tell us that any turth could substantiate only under mass premises and it could inverse easily for any one of those premises collapsing. As a matter of fact, even though all these efforts bring out nothing eventually and people harvest nothing but experience after arduously struggling ,no one and nothing can change that thing called fact.

On the other hand, our human being existing in this world can not help pursuing somethings in which they find intersts. In the process of learning and searching and reaearching and studying, they hope themselves to approach the terminus early. Therefore, they can not prevent themselves from adding the objective result,which they gather , with their subjective wishes and inclinations, and passion dictates such as the Old Rome Church alleging that all stars and other planets revolve around the earth. This conclusion come from an idealistic wishes and no force to hold the truth and substitute an wishful hypothesis for a untouchable fact.

Taking into account all statements above, facts can not be modified on human races wishes and subjective judgments no matter what do people wish and hope.

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