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Week #15 Final Exam

1. Success is the moral concept I have encountered in this course. I actually never realized what I have accomplished in my time in the military and the connections I have made. As I look back over the last 17 years, I realize that I am successful and have had a good life. I have the respect of peers, family and friends, even though there have been tough times and times away from home for long periods. All of this has made me a better person in the end and I continue to grow everyday as a human being. This will make me a better businessman in then future and a better leader and mentor today.

. For me the most challenging portion of the course was staying objective and trying to see all aspects of the subject. I tried to put myself in the shoes of others and see how they would handle certain situations or how they handle a certain problem and still try and remain ethical in the outcome. Seeing different angels and perspectives allows you to be a better mentor and boss to others and helps in earning their respect. I have always known that not everyone is as they see, but when you throw different aspects or situations at people and see how they react and handle it give you a different way of solving a problem. Not everyone will handle it the same way, not all ways will be correct. but through all of it you can formulate how you will handle it the next time leading you to the most efficient an correct answer to the situations.

. I believe morality has a place in business. There are still gentleman agreements out there, which have morality issues. You still have a basic do’s and don’t in business. It is just a matter of how ethical the person is, measuring those moral concepts. There is still no reason for lying, cheating and stealing in business, which is based on morality an ethic, both are very closely related.

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4. To keep integrity, you first must have integrity. You must have self-respect, respect for your colleagues, and a society worth being proud of. You must be true to yourself and business partners, stand up and take responsibility for your actions, no matter what the outcome, be there for you fellow man/worker, and always be true, honest and remember people make mistakes.

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