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book report

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The story starts out when Nazi POWs come to a small town in Arkansas where there is a 1 yr. old girl named Patty Bergen. She is at the station when the POWs arrived she is a girl who not really likes to lie but she expands the truth. While she is at the station she talks to a man that works at her dads store he says �I’m going to the stock right now I have only been here two or three minutes”

Patty says �Don’t go on account of me I won’t tell my father honest. ”When the POWs arrived a woman yelled �NAZI” and one of them waved like it was an American greeting.

Patty goes back to her house and tells her nigger Ruth about the POWs. When Patty says she wants to go her dads store Ruth suggest to put on the dress she never wears. Although she never wears dresses she dose and has some beans and wennies for lunch

When she gets to the store she tells her father about the POWs. Of course he doesn’t believe her because he is an abusing psycho father. He turned on the radio and heard the news and then one of his costumers asks if he has heard about the POWs.

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After she was done talking to her dad she went to talk to her mother Patty told her the news then her mom complains about how Patty never dresses up or acts like a girl. Then the lady starts complaining about Ruth because she ordered all of some hamburger. She obviously did not care about anyone but herself. Then she ask Patty’s mom to fire her. But her mom told her that she did not do it on proposes.

On Sunday they went to her grandmother’s house. On the way there her dad complained about how her grand father didn’t give him a job at his real estate business. Then her mom told her not to accept any money from her grand parents. Then she asks what about the stuff she gets from them and what if Sharon got money was that ok? Then her mom explains about how the stuff she gets are gifts and Sharon is young so she can get money.

At her grand parents house nothing really happens but she dose get money for books and tells they will go shopping and spend the whole day together. After that family members get there they talk and then they all go home.

The next day some of the POWs came to the store to buy hats because they worked in the felids and it was really hot and they were getting burnt. One of them spoke English very clearly he came up to Patty and asked about pocket pencil sharpeners. She asked him what his name was he told her Fredrick Anton Rekier but his friends called him Anton.

She didn’t know him but she was in love with him. So she went to one of friends but she did nothing for her.

A week went by and she didn’t see him she often thought about going to the camp but she didn’t. However one day she saw a man running to catch a train. She ran as fast as she could to catch him and she did. That man turned out to be Anton. She told him she would keep him safe and feed him. They went back to the house and she put him in the rooms on top of her garage.

That night she tried to get him food and clothes but her dad awoke and he told her to go back to bed. The next morning she went out fed him and gave him clothes. Although she thought he was gone but she was still there.

Any ways Anton stayed a while and saved her when she got beat once. He ran out of his hiding place and saved her. Anton told her some interesting stuff like that her dads goes in the garage then cries and says no one loves him. Anton did leave though because he got found out. Before he left he gave her a kiss and his ring

When she was asked about the ring she said an old man gave it to her. No one believed her though.

The FBI talked to her and got her to confess the whole thing. They told her that Anton died. And she kind of went crazy for a night. Anyways she got sentenced to a reformatory school and then the book just ended.

I thought this was a very good book till the end because it just ended

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