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"Amelia Bloomer"

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“Women’s Right to the Ballot”

The“Women’s Rights to the Ballot” speech, one of the first things she stated was that the people should rule all free governments. The government should not only be ruled by men alone, But also women. She stated that “All men, good and bad, black and white, corrupt, debased, treacherous, criminal, may vote and make our laws”, but women have no say in it. She argued that the colored man didn’t petition for the right to vote but “men forced the ballot unasked into their hands.” Then why must women sue and petition for her God-given right of self- government? That too, should have been given to women with no questions asked. Bloomer showed how women were treated unfairly and were not given the same opportunities in society just because of their sex. When women accomplish something worthy of praise, men usually respond by saying “What a pity she is not a boy.” She also tells the achievements of many women all around the world, to prove that they are just as capable of succeeding in life as men. Equality for women and their unalienable rights have been denied far too long, and this speech justifies why women deserve “the right to the ballot”.

Bloomer used many rhetorical terms in her speech. The message she wanted to send our in her speech was very clear; that women should get the vote, but they should also achieve equality and acceptance in society. She wanted all the citizens of the United States to hear that message, but she was obviously trying to target all the women of the world. The repetition of the statement, “women never have had equal rights”, occurred in this speech several times, trying to send out the message that women have never been treated fairly. Bloomer used parallelism in the phrase “all the people must be subject to the Constitution and laws, so all the people should be consulted in their formation; that is, all who are of sufficient age and discretion to express an intelligent opinion.” All the phrases begin with the same grammatical structure. In the speech, the following phrase is an example of a rhetorical question “And while all else is progressing to perfection, while the lowest may attain to the position of the highest and noblest in the land, shall woman alone remain stationary?” The answer to this question is already clear from the context, which is that women should not be kept from doing what they desire. “If one human being only claims that rights are unjustly withheld, such claim should receive the careful attention and consideration of this government and people.” This is an example of antithesis because of the strong contrast of the two words. Bloomer uses allusion when she made a reference to the Bible stating how they dared to do what was not thought of in the days of Moses and Abraham “How dare they set aside the commands of the Bible and the customs of all past ages and set up a government of their own?”

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