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Augustus Caesar

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Augustus Caesar is probably the most important figure in Roman history. He was the first Roman emperor. Augustus Caesar was born September , 6 BC in Rome to a wealthy family. Augustus was born Galius Ocatavius but changed his name to Augustus Caesar after his uncle Julius Caesar adopted him and made him his heir.

Augustus was a brilliant politician. After Julius Caesar’s murder, he had no official power so he marched on Rome and forced the senate to name him counsel. After that he was powerful man. A power struggle began with Mark Anthony who married Augustus’ sister but left her for Cleopatra. Mark Anthony controlled a part of Rome after Julius Caesars’ death. Augustus raised an army of Julius Caesar’s veterans and defeated Anthony after several battles. Augustus was proclaimed sole ruler of Rome.

The Senate gave Augustus the name Augustus, which means “the exalted”. They also gave him the legal power to restore Rome’s religious and civil matters. Caesar restored civil order and peace to Rome after 100 years of civil wars. He maintained an honest government, which stood for three centuries. Augustus reformed the tax system by taking a census to determine how much each province should pay. He also developed an efficient postal system.

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Augustus Caesar built many bridges and highways in Rome. He was a man who loved beautiful things. He restored over 80 temples and had many beautiful works of art sculpted. He took steps to bring about Roman morality. He was given the title imperator, which was derived from the word emperor.

Augustus Caesar died on August 1, 14 AD. After his death the people of Rome worshipped Augustus as a god. He was the most famous emperor of Rome the world has ever known.

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