Thursday, December 29, 2011

work and rest

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We human beings are different from the machine. We can not work all the time without ant form of rest or recreation.

To prevent yourself from getting tired too soon, it is essential to keep several principles in mind.

First, don¡¯t do the same kind of work too long and overwork one nerve center. Arrange your work properly. If you are reading articles, then it is less tiring to read ad take notes than just to read. This is because the two nerve centers work alternately instead of only one center working without any rest. Second, keep in high spirits and learn to concentrate on your work. Odd thoughts should be cleared out as they weaken the stimulation of the main nerve centers functioning at that time. Imagine the hectic state of the nerve centers in a person who sits down to work, turns a page here and there, gets up to look for something and suddenly thinks of something else. How can he work well?

To work well, we must also know how to rest well. Some people think rest is identical to sleep. Sleep is an essential way of resting, of course, but neither the only way nor the active way. About eight hours of sleep or less a day is quite enough for an adult. Too much sleep will only weaken one¡¯s brain and health. An active way of resting is to take part in sports and cultural activities. Sports is the more important of the two as it helps to keep all the organs in good order, promotes blood circulation and steps up metabolism.

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To work and rest well, neat and clean surroundings are also essential. It is uncomfortable and unpleasant to work in messy surroundings. So whenever possible, to arrange a correct proportion of work and rest is a good way of keeping fit and raising work efficiency.

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