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UV Protection

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We stress the use of UV resistant sunglasses because even one day in powerful sun can result in a burned cornea (the outermost, clear window of the eye), and long-term exposure over the years can lead to cataracts (clouding of the eye lens that results in blindness), possible night blindness and macular retina damage. People who spend a great deal of time in the sun are especially susceptible. Two types of UV rays, UV-A and UV-B, have been linked to cataracts and cancer of the skin around the eyes.

Doctors recommend that everyone wear sunglasses that block to 100 percent of UV radiation. It is important to note that UV protection comes from a compound applied to the lenses of sunglasses and not from the color or how dark a pair of lenses might be. If you are unsure about the protection your sunglasses provide, you can ask some vision experts and they can inspect you sunglasses to determine if they are UV resistant.

Doctors recommend that its important to make time for regular eye exams. Whether you wear glasses or not, everyone can benefit from eye exams because they can detect many health problems, including those complicated by exposure to the sun.

Some people believe they can protect themselves from the harmful effects of UV and glare by simply wearing any old pair of sunglasses. But this isnt true. There is a difference among sunglasses and the levels of glare and UV protection they provide. Doctor caution Darkened plastic or glass lenses without special filters just trick you into a false sense of safety. For optimal protection, doctors recommend sunwear that blocks a minimum of percent of UV rays. But lenses with UV coatings alone will not eliminate glare. If you want to protect your eyes from both glare and UV rays, you should purchase sunglasses labeled polarized. Sunglasses with polarized lenses incorporate a thin polarizing filter which effectively eliminates glare.

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Sunlight provides the most common exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Sunlight reflected off snow or sand, at high altitudes and in areas closer to the equator is the richest form of UV radiation.

The two types of UV radiation, UV-A and UV-B, can seriously damage the retina. Research indicates there is a link between UV radiation and macular degeneration.

Over-exposure to UV radiation can cause benign growths on the eye¡¯s surface; cancer of the eyelids and skin around the eyes, and photokeratitis, sometimes called snow blindness, which is a temporary, painful sunburn of the eye¡¯s surface.

The eye¡¯s natural UV protection is found in the cornea and the crystalline lens. They absorb all UV-B and most UV-A radiation. The radiation that doesn¡¯t get absorbed, however, causes changes in the lens and may result in a cataract. The radiation absorbed by the cornea causes an inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva.

People who have cataract surgery lose their natural UV protection in the affected eye. Most of today¡¯s lens implants replace the natural UV protection. Those whose cataract surgery was not recent should ask their surgeon if their lens implant has UV protection. If not, they need to wear sunglasses and other prescription glasses with maximum UV protection.

Some prescription drugs can increase a person¡¯s sensitivity to UV radiation like oral contraceptives and acne mediations containing tetracyclines.

Sunglass labels vary by manufacturer and may be misleading. The color or darkness of the sunglasses is not directly related to how much protection they offer.

Wide-brimmed hats can block about 50 percent of UV radiation from reaching the eyes.

Discuss with your optometrist or ophthalmologist what kind of sunglasses best fit your needs. Your doctor will consider your lifestyle, eye health, work, and vision before recommending sunglasses.

Sunglasses have been popular for years, both for comfort and as a fashion accessory. Ophthalmologists now believe you should wear sunglasses to protect the long-term health of your eyes. Results from a dozen studies over the last 10 years suggest that long hours in the sun without proper eye protection increase your chances of developing eye disease.

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