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technology and teaching aids

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Firstly, I would like to thank the NSW Board of Studies for allowing me to present my point of view. I believe that what I have to say, and what I have to show you, will alter your perspective in terms of teaching the HSC Syllabus. My examples are derived from the Area of Study titled Changing Perspective.

In society, it is known that Visual Stimuli is an integral part of everyday life. Television, Computer games, Movies… Visual stimuli. Everything on television, from High Five to The Simpsons, attracts a young audience with the desire to teaching them something. Visual stimuli keeps a young person entertained and captivated, allowing them to learn from what they see. I, therefore, advise that The HSC syllabus be taught keeping in mind the fact that Visual stimuli is apart of everyday life and that young people respond well to it. Some teaching methods that can be used in teaching the HSC Syllabus in this manner are the Internet, and the Overhead projector.

(HAND OUT hand it out) The internet is possible the worlds fastest growing resource, providing tens of thousands of individuals and companies with information. It is, therefore, logical that Teaching should employ this valuable resource. (HAND OUT Refer to it) I have created a lesson plan based around the internet and a current text from the HSC Syllabus to allow you to see how such a resource can be utilized, the text titled Sturt’s Dreaming which appears as Text 4 of the Stimulus Booket for the Area of Study, Change.

If you would care to look at the sheets I have given you all, the first is a list of websites that the students will be asked to access in the School’s Computer Laboratory. All these websites contain valuable information about Captain Charles Sturt. The second sheet is a list of example questions that would be provided to the students by the teacher for them to answer. By answering these questions, the students would have to read and sift through the information on the websites, therefore, gaining knowledge of the context, language and techniques of the poem. This can help the students to understand how perspective can change through events that occur in life, which can be seen through text, with some background information about the time and circumstances of Charles Sturt. Some advantages of using the internet are that the internet is environmentally friendly because it minimises the amount of paper used by presenting the information on a computer, and it is relatively easy to use allowing students to refer back to the websites at a later date if needed.

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The other Technological Resource I will be presenting for you is the Overhead Projector. This old, yet effective, form of technology has been a vital part of school life for many, many years. Nowadays, technological advances have allowed more compact, more versatile overhead projectors to be used, they do, however, utilise the same principle of mirrors and lights to project the images on a larger scale. To demonstrate how overheads can be used to teach the HSC Syllabus, I will show you some sample pictures and explain how they relate to Text 1, THE DOOR. (SHOW 1ST DOOR OVERHEAD) By looking at these overhead projections, you will be able to see how appearance matters and how perception can change. (SHOW ND DOOR OVERHEAD) Now look at this overhead. It’s a door. Pretty boring. We don’t feel anything about the door. But when we open the door, (UNCOVER THE REST) we are instantly affected by what is on the other side. By viewing these overheads, student can gain a better understanding of the text, The Door. The can explore, visually, their own feeling of the door before and after it is opened, drawing their own conclusion about what is implied by the Draught in the last stanza.

We all know that technology has changed, progressed, and evolved into the cars, televisions, mobile phones and high-speed internet connections that we utilize every day. With each evolution, life as we know it is altered, creating NEWER, FASTER, EASIER, MORE EFFECTIVE ways of living and working. It is therefore, essential to take on these technologies, use them, and provide our children with the most advanced methods of teaching, the most positive start to their career. The example methods I have shown you today from the current HSC Syllabus should be considered when revising teaching methods for the HSC course. Thankyou for your time.

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