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Speech Marketing Survey

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Marketing Survey


The Bryan-College Station area is a prime location for a drive-in theatre for a number of reasons. There are two major groups that the theatre should base it’s marketing around families and students. Bryan and College Station both have several thousand families with young children that still crave a family oriented night that the drive in is perfect for. Also, Navasota within 0 miles, would be an easy trip to make for a family on a weekend night for entertainment that could be a nice restaurant already in our area, then a trip to a show al the drive-in. To make this a success, an 800pm show rated PG-1 or less would be a great idea to promote this customer group. Starting a movie before this time would be tough because of the fact that drive-ins can only operate after dark to properly see the movie. Promotions for new children’s movies, could be done as well to boost popularity and the sense of a family atmosphere while out for a night at the drive-in.

The second obvious group that spends money in this region is college age students. There are approximately 40,000 students at Texas A&M University, as well as thousands more that attend Blinn College, SHSU, High Schools in the area, or just work and live in Bryan-College Station. Appealing to this group is crucial for success, but also gives a drive-in in this area a better chance of survival. After the 800 show ends by 1000pm, the theatre would prepare for an 1100pm show based around this age group. This time frame is still very reasonable to the average college age student, especially on weekends and Thursday nights. Heavy advertising at the college campuses, and a steady line-up of R-rated movies will help to keep these students out of the home and at the drive-in. Because of the lack of drive-in movie theatres still open today, most students here have never been to one. This should help because if every student, just at A&M, just went once in their four year career, then this would provide for 10,000 ticket sales a year at the theatre. And this doesn’t even include other schools students, or the fact that we hope through promotions and advertising to become a regular recreational event in the area.

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Technology was the main reason for the downfall of drive-in theatres across the United States. The screen was built large for all cars in the lot to see, but the audio was terrible according to several accounts of drive-in patrons. Many remember a small box that connected to your window that you rolled down when you parked. Not only was this just a one speaker system, the cost of maintaining the boxes was tremendous because of the common occurrence of driving off with the box still attached to your vehicle. Plus the boxes were always vulnerable to the elements. New technology, that is fairly inexpensive, allows you to broadcast the sound through an FM radio station, meaning that the customer would just tune the radio to a specific station and the audio for the movie would be broadcast through their personal stereo. This also means that the sound is stereo, playing out of at least 4 speakers around the car which gives it more impressive sound quality than one speaker, that may or may not be in decent condition. Using this technology, audio quality would no longer be a major downside to going to a drive-in movie.

Security, courtesy, and viewing seasons using this technology are also much better. The simple fact that you never have to roll your window down opens various options to a more comfortable trip to the drive-in. The most common complaints of drive-in customers tended to be of a consistent basis.

1.) “The sound is terrible.”

.) “It’s too hot/cold at the drive-in.”

.) “The people next to me were talking the whole movie.”

4.) “I feel unsafe at the drive-in.”

These are all legitimate complaints, all with legitimate solutions using the new audio technology.

The sound quality problem has already been reviewed, and using the FM receiver helps to solve all of the other problems. With the sound being broadcast into the customer’s vehicle, there is no need to keep the windows down. This means that the customer can actually run your air conditioner or heater during the show and keep a better comforting personal climate in the surroundings. Then with the windows rolled up, loud neighbors are no longer a distraction with the sound deafening glass between customers. Lastly, with the windows up, and the doors locked, customers can feel more at ease during the show. Security should also be at the theatre, which will be covered in more detail later in the Financial Analysis section.

Tradition is always big at Texas A&M, and with nostalgic older potential customers. Setting up the theatre to look like an old time theatre, with new amenities and technology would prove to be best in hitting the fine line between traditional and comfortable. This appeal to both young and old audiences would do great things for the theatre, making it a trip back in time for the 800 show, and the newest tradition in Aggieland for the 1100 show.

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