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Si Tenggang

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Si Tenggang’s Homecoming

Meanings Although Tenggang has learnt to question and argue based logic and reason, just like the foreigners he lived with do, he has not become rude like they can be. He is still humble, and shows respect to his eldest.

Although he has learnt to think for himself and fight for his beliefs, he has not forgotten the malay custom of obedience and respect for elders.

Stanza 5

Custom Essays on Si Tenggang

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L1&L The rude are people who fight with authority and mock the malay customs and culture. Si Tenggang too has learnt to be ‘rude’ when he ‘argues’ that he has retained his malay identity, yet acquired new knowledge.

L&L4 The persona has learnt to present his case logically and even defend himself in a debate with solid evidence when necessary.

L5&L6 Despite his verbal aggression he remains a most humble and respectful person who has not abandoned his roots but broadened his horizon.

But how about the story of Si Tenggang that managed to do all sorts of things that by then happens to be another figure out of the shadow and sometimes it is seen that this problem can be solved as a miniture examplement of bieng what is called a living vivid colour of a human bieng that cannot be just somehow consumed as a thangy sort of thing.

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