Thursday, December 29, 2011

Organizational Culture

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The organizational culture of an organization is determined by management¡¦s base on philosophy, values, vision, and goals. This will determine how employees, individuals, and groups will act as a whole through people-organizational relationships toward the achievement of human, organizational, and social objectives. The culture will determine the type of leadership, communication, and group dynamics within the organization. Employees perceive this as the quality of work life, which directs their degree of motivation, which results in the outcome of performance, individual satisfaction, and personal growth and development (Leadership-Organizational Behavior).

There are four major models or frameworks that organizations operate out of

„X Autocratic Power with a managerial orientation of authority. Employees are oriented towards obedience and dependence to the manager and/or supervisor. The employee need that is met is subsistence. The performance result is normally minimal.

„X Custodial This model is based on economic resources with management being the orientation of the money. This results in the employees need for security and benefits and dependence on the organization. The employee need that is met is security and the performance result is passive cooperation.

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„X Supportive This model is based on leadership with management being the orientation of the support. The employees are then oriented towards job performance and participation. The employee need that is met is status and recognition. The performance result is awakened drive and ability.

„X Collegial This model is based on partnership with management orientating the teamwork. Employees are oriented towards responsible behavior and self-discipline. The employee need that is met is self-actualization and the performance result is enthusiasm.

Most organizations would like to think they have a supportive and collegial base of organizational behavior but most organizations still operate out of the autocratic and custodial models. A well-rounded organization should have some of all four models with strong emphasis on supportive and collegial. Employees depend on the organizational culture to give them stability, security, understanding, and the ability to respond to any given situation. When employees are not secure within their organization, they will fear change and become unstable, lose their security, will not be able to understand new processes, or respond to new situations.

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