Tuesday, December 6, 2011

moving up day by day

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History of Katryna Angle…

I started racing June of 8. My brother had raced for about a year and I wanted to try it out myself. Watching all the kids fly by, my eyes amazed me. I knew it was the sport for me. My dad bought me a bike and I signed up. My first race I got stuck with 7 guys my age. Knowing I was going to get my butt kicked I still went out and tried my hardest. First round I was out in front, I had no control over my bike and went over a jump and didn’t quite land right. I flew over the handle bars, hit the ground and 7 guys piled on top of me. After getting all the bikes, and guys off me, I was all right, just in shock. I picked my bike up and realized it was broken and I was no longer able to race that night. Matt Wind, a somewhat good pro at the time offered me his bike to finish off the night. Although it weighed as much as I did, it worked. I went out and raced at took fourth place in the main event. Even though you only get trophy’s 1st nd and rd they gave me a little one for doing such a great job. I raced for a few months and then started to win. I moved up in ranking fast. By the end of the year I was number one in my district. Soon after, I was sponsored by Impact racing products. The team manager was Paul Washington. He was so funny and great with kids. He did training classes at many different tracks. I remember going out to all of the classes and riding my butt off. He taught me how to balance in the gate, and later on how to get an awesome start. He also helped me get over my fear of jumping. He would bring out big pieces of wood and lay them over the jumps so I would not be scared of the holes. After the year was over I was still #1 in my district. That’s when I started attending Nationals. From there I got sponsored by Bike Alley. Ruben was the owner of the bike shop, he was a great guy. He always took a look at my bike when I thought something was wrong with it. I raced all year and was getting faster daily. I attended my 1st Grand National. It was held Thanksgiving weekend. I could not believe how many people from all over the United States attended the race. I made my main event and took 5th place. Once the 001 season came around I was ready to move up more. I decided to ride solo and see if I could get a big sponsor. Half way threw the year I started winning a few nationals. I traveled to about 5 different states and was having a blast racing my bicycle. I got picked up by Just 4 Fun racing toward the end of the year. I flew to Oklahoma, Thanksgiving weekend for the Grand Nationals. This time I knew what it was all about, and I was ready to win. I raced the Grand’s pre raced called the Race of Champions. I took 1st place and received a ROC #1 plate that I was able to run the next season. If that was not enough I won the Grand Nationals and took home an 8 foot trophy, got picked up in a limo from the airport and then found out I got NAG (national age group) #1. I went from District #1 to ROC and NAG 1. The only thing higher than that is National # 1 girl and the only way you can get that is if you have a huge rider count witch I didn’t. My 00 season I started riding for Factory Free Agent/ I.E. Bikes.com My team managers name was Scott, he also raced. It was fun flying to racing with my team. I started dating one of the top experts in bmx, Julio Fierro. He taught me so much about racing and gave me a lot of good advice on how to win. I won about 1 nationals. After turning 17 in July and moving up to the 17- over class I started going down hill. The girl to beat in that class was Chantel Blanchet. She one everything. I beat her one day in Florida and one day in So Cal but that’s it. I just tried my hardest and that’s all my team and family would ask for. After going to the Grand Nationals in 00 and taking home a 4th place, I moved down to NAG #4. Now its 00, I am still riding for Factory Free Agent. I am sitting back at #1. My big competition Chantel turn pro so I should do pretty well. I am even thinking about going pro this year. After thinking about it, it was hard work to become number one. Once I made it there it was the best feeling ever. Little kids at the track look up to me now, and they always ask for advice on racing. Hopefully in the years to come I can make a career riding my bicycle over a dirt track. Racing my bicycle has taught me a good lesson. Never give up, if you believe in something it can happen. Anything is possible.

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