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Kiritsubo’s Death Continues To Effect Genji’s Life

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In The Tale of Genji, by Murasaki Shikibu, the main character, Genji, grows out of the darkness of his mother’s early passing. The void left behind, and subsequent search for a true love is the motivation for much of the goings on in Genji’s life.

For most of the first chapter, Genji is a child. He is the love child of the Emperor and Kiritsubo and the most beautiful child anyone has ever seen. His stunning good looks eventually earn him the nickname, the Shining Lord. Because his mother died when he was still a toddler, Genji grew up not knowing what she looked like, but he knew how remarkable a woman she must have been because of how much the Emperor missed her. It was because of the Emperor’s love for Genji’s mother that he clung to Genji so tightly. The Emperor spent as much time with Genji and raised him himself as much as his position would allow.

For years, the Emperor missed Kiritsubo terribly. After trying to find a replacement for her, but to no avail, with a heavy heart, he concluded that he would not find anyone like her. Then he received word from his Dame of Staff that a former Emperor had a daughter, known for her beauty and brought up by her mother. She had a striking resemblance to Kiritsubo. The Emperor was stricken and he married her right away. Genji heard the buzz around Fujitsubo about how she looked a great deal like his late mother, Kiritsubo. When Genji saw her, he too loved her immediately. He would flirt with her in his boyish way by bringing her flowers and autumn leaves.

At the end of chapter one, the Emperor arranges a marriage between Genji and the daughter of the Minister of the Left, Aoi. She is somewhat older than Genji who is 1 when they marry. Because Aoi is of high rank, as her mother is Princess Omiya, this assures that Genji will remain among the high ranks and be well taken care of. This loveless marriage, however, was only a constant reminder to Genji that he was without a true love.

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At the start of chapter two, Genji has gone from 1 to 17 with no mention of the time in between. It had been raining for several days and Genji, along with many others, are cooped up in the palace. Genji is keeping company with his brother-in-law and closest friend To-no-Chujo. After playing music together, To-no-Chujo asks Genji if he can read some of the letters in the cabinet in his room. Genji answers by stating that there is nothing of interest in the letters and he is welcome to look. This sparks the start of what is known as the “Rainy Night Discussion”.

To-no-Chujo, The Chief Left Equerry, and the Fujiwara Aide of Ceremonial all take turns trying to impress each other with stories of their love conquests all with the goal of trying to define the perfect woman. They talk mostly about women of middle birth because they are, according to To-no-Chujo, “the ones among whom you can see what a girl really has to offer and find ways to distinguish one from another” (page ). Women of high rank are pampered and keep many things hidden, while low ranked women don’t even matter. They talk of a jealous woman, nice woman, and smart woman while Genji dozes in and out of their stories. It is made apparent that all the while, Genji’s thoughts linger on his idea of the perfect woman, Fujitsubo.

This “discussion” sees a transition in Genji’s character. The young, sweet, and innocent Genji becomes a playboy of sorts, even before the end of the chapter. The “discussion” is the direct grounds for the next few chapters, which follow Genji’s pursuit of women while he tries to perfect his seductive style. Because of Genji’s high rank, he leaves the discussion thinking that almost any woman will succumb to him.

His first attempt at a love affair after the “discussion” is with Utsusemi. Because of a directional taboo he finds himself at the crowded house of the Governor of Kii, whereabouts he comes upon Utsusemi. Much to Genji’s dismay, however, because she does not want to jeopardize her marriage to The Iyo Deputy, she turns Genji down. This shocks Genji. For a while, Genji tries to win over Utsusemi but eventually realizes his defeat. While Genji was somewhat dazed by Utsusemi’s rejection, he learned from his mistake and the experience is integrated into his developing sense of seduction.

His failed attempt at finding love with Utsusemi was not his first, nor will it be his last. Genji’s road to love is a bumpy one in this novel. As he looks to find his true love, he comes across many prospects. Our hearts go out to the glorious child who lost his mother and spends so many years trying to fill the void in his heart.

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