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Slight Resemblances

In this novel, Stoker relates many of the characters to each other. Some are related by mere coincidence and some of the mirror images are readily seen. No matter, the ways things are connected in this story are very intricate and personal to each character. To see the connections between Dracula and Renfield we have to examine each character individually which will help to make the connection between the two.

There are many differences between the count and Renfield but there are also many differences. If we examine the count we see many things that make him a very appealing character. The main reason Dracula is found appealing is because of the supernatural qualities that he possesses. Although human, he is creature like in many ways. This is the only way that his character comes across as a threat or villain. To the villagers, it is just the thought and exaggeration of his character that paralyzes them with fear.

Do you not know that tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in the world will have full sway? Do you know where you are going to, and what you are going to? She...went down on her knees and implored me not to go. [Dracula, p.1]

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Eventually, the fear of the villagers for the count is justified through the happening s in the town, through Harker and through Renfield. They must acknowledge the reality of the situation even though the fears are mostly run by superstition.

Once more Dracula is found to be appealing is because he is immortal. Even by the end of the novel we are not sure if he is dead because the description of his downfall is very vague. It reads, before our very eyes, and almost in the drawing of a breath, the whole body crumbled into dust and passed from our sight. [Dracula, p.447] This quote does not tell the reader much since earlier in the book it was discovered the count is able to turn into dust, smoke and vapor at any given moment.

A characteristic not looked at very closely is that Dracula appears to be a nobleman despite his supernatural aura. The novel deals with the never-ending battle of good versus evil and even though Dracula appears to be good in the beginning, he ends up in the depths of evil. On the contrary, Renfield begins by appearing insane and locked up in an institution. The reader cannot quite pinpoint what Renfield’s obsessions are from or why. We only know that he is not all there mentally. By the end of the novel, Renfield and Dracula have switched places. Renfield becomes calm, sane and coherent. Dracula has by this time had many victims and is perceived as a madman and a threat.

In the novel, we also run into instances of wolves and bats. Dracula can turn into these things although Renfield cannot. The connection between them comes when Renfield becomes violent at the stroke of midnight, a time when Dracula and other evilness has the greatest power, and howls at the moonlight like a wolf. He also becomes very strange around sunset. There is a calm in the air and he stares at the sun as it sets. To Dr. Seward (and the readers) this is a very large change in his mental state from previous instances.

We also relate Renfield to Dracula from the references of “master” and Dracula appears to be the master of the “undead” from previous instances. This also gives reference to Renfield having some connection to being a Vampire himself. Although we know that he is not yet a full vampire because there is not a time when he drinks the blood of Dracula.

From time to time there are instances when you cannot associate Dracula and Renfield but by looking into things, maybe sometimes too much, you can catch a glimpse of each character in the others. This could be said even for Mina mirroring Jonathan. In the end, this property of the novel helps the story to have a new and interesting twist every time one reads it.

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