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The Coming Rite

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Aristiri slowly gathered her things for the upcoming

battle. Soon she would pass through the halls of the

dead and truly join the No Tears elders once and for

all. Ill not go down without a fightshe grinned

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fiercely to herself. Much has changed on the world of

Rallos Zec since she had left what seemed to be

centuries ago to join Deinonychus, Ravinwind and

Viertania and walk through the mists to the land of

Stormhammer, where the gods walk among the mortals.

There she had joined the ranks of an army known as the

Legendary Twelve, though there was much more then 1

of them. Over the course of months she traveled with

this roving band of mercenaries owing no allegiance to

anyone. Mighty dragons of the Temple of Veeshan,

Giant kings of Kael Drakkel, and Dains of the

Thurgadin fell beneath her weapons. Yet it was with

the cry of No Tears that she was gifted by Tunare with

her mighty sword Swiftwind alongside her brother and

sister in arms, Ravinwind and Viertania. Though the

veil between worlds separated her from her brethren

she was still No Tears in blood.

Not soon after she was called into battle in her home

plane the plane of growth, there she looked upon the

countenance of Mother Tunare for the first time. Yet

something was different, she did not feel awe or

splendor. It was as if this were but a image a hollow

shell of what she held most dear, a mockery. Ire rose

in her and when she heard the call to charge she was

one of the first to enter the fray like an angry wolf

she cut through the ranks of protectors and beasts

until nothing was left save that benevolently smiling

image of her goddess. The urge to shatter this image

to erase it from existence grew within her. She drew

her weapons with a feral snarl and as her blades

crossed in front of her a snap of lightening caught

her eye and she slowed, looking down at the jeweled

hilt of Swiftwind she was encompassed by peace, slowly

she turned and saw the havoc she had sown. Then she

looked upon the face of her Goddess for the very last

time in that brief moment understanding struck her,

with a cry to she buried her weapons deep into the

breast of her goddess and collapsed as she was

engulfed by the fiery vengeance of the avatars last

spell. Aristiri awoke later underneath the great tree

in the plane of growth, the army had dispersed and the

plane was deserted. It was beautiful as she walked

among the trees, so much like her old home of

Kelethin, although it would be a long time before she

could venture there again after word spread of the

slaughter on the Plane of Growth. Silently she sighed

to herself, she did not understand what had come over

her. Maybe she was expecting something when she

looked upon her goddess for the first time she did not

know. Unlike her brother Ravinwind, Tunare had never

spoken to her directly, but rather at least she

thought, indirectly, perhaps by finding a rare flower

or simply in the setting of the sun. What has been

done cannot be undone, she thought to herself. The

unicorns, wolves ,bears and Mother Tunares avatar

would return as well with the coming of a new moon.

She did not know how she knew this but, it was as if

it were ingrained within her very being. With one

final look over her goddesss foothold on the world of

Norrath she popped the cork on the gate potion and and

the swirling mists enveloped her.

Soon after a long battle with the snakes of

Ssraehaeva temple Aristiri wearily sought her rest.

As she entered the halls of dreams she was assaulted

by visions, a great desert, thousands of elves and

men fighting alongside each other against a scourge

greater then even Innoruk himself. One of these elves

reached out a hand to her and beckoned her to join

them. She recognized the emblem on his chest, a

ranger like herself. Vigor returned to her weary

limbs and she answered the call. The months were long

and hard, as she battled what seemed an implacable foe

never coming within sight yet attacking from afar.

The days turned to weeks and the weeks to months.

Aristiri was put in charge of the aeries, she took

assiduous care of her messengers, but sometimes they

were lost in the heat and sand. One sweltering day a

messenger flew in, alighting carefully upon its

mistresses shoulder.

The enemy has been found and destroyed within its

underground lair, its armies are routed and run. You

have done well. You along with several in your unit

are scheduled on the next gnomish ship home.

Home she thought to herself, it will be good to

return home. Visions of her home world assailed her

as she walked toward the gnomish construction. The

wind picked up and the sand gathered around her and

all senses and vision were lost. She closed her eyes

against the grit and wind and when she opened her eyes

again she found herself in the nexus. The lingerings

of words in her head.You are home once again my

child.... and she knew within her heart that she was

once again on her homeland.

It was a short time before she tracked down

Steelehammer a stout dwarven cleric, and asked him to

let an old traveler rejoin the family. And once again

Aristiri Windreaver, Warder of Tunare bore the No

Tears Initiates guild sign. To hear the familiar

Hellos, as the guild chattered was pure bliss to the

no longer lone ranger. It was as if she, like the

phoenix were reborn through the fires and tribulations

of her past. Over the next few weeks she met many of

the new faces, Brdaan a feisty Tier Dal enchanter who

insisted upon a duel the first time they met, well she

did have the courtesy to give him spirit of the wolf

after he had recovered his gear from his ghostly

corpse. Mity a gnomish warrioress with enough spunk

and tenacity to take on anything with shins. Seraith

an iksar beast master, who was staving back the sarnak

population of the Lake of Ill Omen quite well with her

faithful companion. Shorak an iksar wise man who

recently received his Spear of Fate from the great

spirits of the world. And, Anuxiree a strange Tier

Dal shadow knight, beholden to two masters Earenhylle

and a mysterious Naeldaen, she was quite conflicted

barely able to hold her excitement to be rid of her

enslavement yet, almost perfectly content to be a

slave. That was a puzzle for another time however.

Steelehammer was soon called to his own rite of

passing on to the elders of No Tears. The guild had

been abuzz with anticipation for the cleric and with

other news as well. Apparently, something had

occurred the night before with Anuxiree and Greon,

back to his old tricks she thought fiercely, visions

of Michaells sister Moreen and the dark spells he

wove over the human child and her passed quickly

through her mind. Steelehammer would not be the only

cleric to walk through the halls of the dead that

fateful night. A silent thought from Ravinwind asking

if she would assist in the teaching of a lesson was

replied with a laugh and a quick thought stating she

intended too.

Deep in the butcherblock mountains at the strange

stone chess board the rite was held. Fireworks were

lit and stories of old told by Earenhylle. And as

Steelehammer of No Tears Initiates fell, the whispered

now, followed by the fiery shock of spells and flurry

of blades and Greon fell quietly beside him. The look

of surprise stuck on his face like a strange ghoul.

Aristiri held an earing aloft from Greons dead corpse,

and gave it to Anuxiree saying that Perhaps he can

earn it back in some way and perhaps next time you

should let Greon drink some of the brandy instead of

taking it all for yourself.

Greon soon returned, Aristiri smiled sweetly at him

not saying a word. Finally as he gathered all of his

gear she spoke If you are looking for another fight

my friend Ill let you take the first three shots next

time. Greon looked up startled and muttered under

his breath in Tier Dal, a language Aristiri had not

stooped to learn. She turned from him and began to

walk away as she felt the spell begin to immobilize

her but she shook it off, Greon was already on the run

with Ravinwind Anuxiree and Earenhylle in hot pursuit.

Aristiri laughed and said Well where are the other

two shots? But, he had already ran far out of site

pursued by the trio of elves.

Legacy a Tierdal approached her, something was

strange about this dark elf she thought to herself his

scent is not right. He bore the Scimitar of the

Nature-walker the highest symbol of the druids. He

said You said first three shots right? Aristiri

chuckled and said go right ahead. He moved a short

distance from her and began chanting a spell she

finished memorizing a spell as the swarm of insects

engulfed her, swatting idly at the pests she taunted

Is that the best youve got? He activated the magics

of his scimitar and the curse of nature was upon her,

slowly sapping her life-force away. She furrowed her

brow in concentration Perhaps this was going to be

harder then it looked. she thought to herself.

Finally, he tried to bind her to the earth and let the

insects and curse envelop her. She had been prepared

for it and shrugged the bindings off. Thats three!

she shouted and cast a nullify magic spell upon the

druid and low and behold where the Tierdal once stood

there now stood a halfling looking rather surprised.

Ah, seems you are not the only one with tricks up

your sleeves. She bound his furry feet with a spell

of snaring and as the swarms and natures curse slowly

began to abate she delivered the final blow to the

halfling. Scratching aimlessly at her stings and

welts from the swarms she cast with the last of her

magic power a spell of regeneration and sat to tend to

her wounds. She sent a private thought to Legacy,

well fought, well fought indeed. We will have to

do it again sometime he sent in reply. As the sun

set over the hills in the butcherblock mountains and

No Tears dispersed Aristiri sought her rest in the

sanctity and quiet of the Plane of Knowledge.

Aristiri gathered the last of her things and began

her travel to the Southern Desert of Ro where her

story had begun so many moons ago. Its been a long

ways she thought to herself and Ive still got a ways

to go yet she smiled, as the spirit of the wolf

entered her and she ran on...

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