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Brave New World

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The way the author displays three different people’s lives at once, in intervals sort of embodies the concept that every person works together, as cells in a body, to make society function properly. By drugging society into thinking it is normal, the body functions successfully, according to the controllers.

The controllers try to genetically engineer each caste to perform a task willingly, without wanting anything more. The leaders literally grow and produce babies in factories, and brainwash them from the time they are born throughout their whole lives. The people in each social class are brainwashed as they sleep to hate the members of any other caste and to enjoy performing their task. The uniform population shudders at the sound of any emotional term or word suggesting family or commitment to a single person, with the exception of Bernard Marx, who, because of his resistance to conform to the stable system along with the rest, and insufficient appearance which contrasts with all the members of high social class, is said to have been wronged as a baby. Society believes he was confused with an Epsilon, who is at the bottom of the social ladder, and an employee put alcohol in his bottle. Epsilons are tainted as children, alcohol is inserted into their bodies to mark them as the low class pedestrians they are. The alcohol stunts their growth, makes them scrawny and less attractive then the highly regarded Alphas and Betas who are bred beautifully. Marx thrives on emotion and personal attention. Marx seems to prefer the style that the savages obtain on the Reservation. He is mesmerized by the woman who is breastfeeding her child when he visits New Mexico. The closeness and intimacy astounds Marx, and he loves the fact that she gets to raise her baby.

The controllers use drugs to regulate people and clear their heads of any unique thoughts; other than the ones they are supposed to think. While curiosity and individuality are encouraged in modern time for the most part, Huxley’s civilization is based on stability and repels those who question or rebel. Humanity is controlled by the rulers as if they were playing a video game. They dress all the social classes differently and genetically alter the appearance and attitudes of each individual according to their social standing.

The Savage is misconstrued at a young age because of Linda, his mother. She builds up this beautiful image of the civilized world in his head. He feels misinformed when Linda slowly dies off, people come to see him as if he were a rare animal in a zoo; he hates that life is too easy, there’s nothing to live for, he thinks soma is poison, always up for a challenge, wanting to take a risk, didn’t fit in with the rest of the savages because they didn’t let him join their rituals, he always wanted to take part in the painful whippings to show them he could do it, longs for mystery in life, there is no mystery in this world created by the controllers,

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Bernard quickly conforms to the civilized way when he becomes very popular due to the Savage. He begins to enjoy life the way it is when he is regarded highly and well liked, as opposed to before when he was excluded because of his different appearance, his confidence lowered and so did his desire to be a part of this robotic world.

Someone once said that life is much more meaningful if you work hard for the things you want. Pay your dues, work hard, and get what you want. You feel more satisfied. In order for goodness to be fully appreciated, the bad must be present.

Throughout Brave New World, soma, a drug to maintain willing workers, is rationally distributed to all the social classes periodically. Soma signifies the evil that the controllers work so hard at eliminating. It seems that soma unifies the people, yet erases individuality; controls the person, much like modern drug are capable of doing to a person today.

Bernard becomes intoxicated by the power of popularity, and succumbs to liking the system when he is valued greatly.

The “feelies” represent the fact that a person doesn’t have to actually live through a certain experience; go through all the excitement and wonder of a new relationship, all the tears, laughs, all of it in order to experience it at the “feelies.” The “feelies” represent the world that the controllers have created one in which it is no longer necessary to experience pain, anger, frustration, any emotion that may have ever been referred to with a negative connotation. One reaps only the benefits of life when acting properly, though brainwashed, and life seems good, although not many people are very distinguishable, since they are all trained to act, think, and dress the same. The feelies do the same thing. They provide an source of entertainment when an individual can experience kisses, embraces, and touches of another person without actually having to confront the person later on and talk to them about anything.

The savage, in trying to make the people who come to see him in the end leave, in a fit of rage actually ends up giving them what he and they truly want. He wanted to beat Lenina with the whip, the crowd was hollering for the whip.

The way that people in Brave New World refer to Ford as if he were their God, shows the fact that society has been modeled around money and wealth. Crosses exchanged for T’s. Ford, being the manufacturer of the first automobile, a jackpot for the industrial world, emerges as the “god” for society. They model their lives on their jobs, not family.

John feels so much more self-fulfilled towards the end of the book, when he isolates himself from civilization, living on the bare minimum. He thrives on the fact that he makes everything he uses to survive, disciplines himself constantly for buying some food from a civilized man and refuses to eat it. The civilized just can’t get enough of the crazy antics of this “wild” man, and treat him as if he’s a freak show at the circus. The “civilized” crowd throws packets of gum, grammes of soma, and various other items at the misunderstood creature, similar to children throwing food at bears caged at the zoo.

The spectators, those who came to be entertained by the crazy antics of the Savage, further their inhumane, bestial manners when they encourage John to whip a member of their society with his chain. It never occurs to them that this “beast” will viciously attack and maybe even kill an aristocratic woman that they all know. They feel no sympathy for the one who is beaten, or fear that they may be next, all they know, instinctively, is that it is funny, and entertaining. Many popular television shows and movies today exhibit crude displays of such cruel humor, but the shows are never of people that we know, and usually are not true. These shows are created in order to promote emotions; to scare us, make us sad, and sometimes to produce a comedic effect. The scene that Huxley creates in Brave New World, when society sees the Savage for the last time, evokes no emotions in these robotic people who care about no one, “for everyone belongs to everyone else,” so it doesn’t matter what happens to one person because there are others almost exactly like him or her. The individuals in each class are trained to think alike and work alike, and to take pleasure in the same things. Sex is a meaningless act, purely used as exclusive entertainment.

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