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Because I Could Not Stop For Death

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In “Because I Could Not Stop for Death“, Emily Dickinson uses recollected images of the past to confirm the known and the unknown. The poems gives expectation about death in reality and imagination. From centuries beyond the grave, the narrator describes the peaceful process of her passing, in which death is personified and escorts her in his carriage. During the leisurely ride, she passes ordinary sights. Such as a school house and fields--but finally realizes that the ride will last for all eternity.

Moreover, it appears that even though the theme is death, the character expresses pleasure, she reminisces, and she respects the fact that God was taking her soul away. These aggressive adjectives, “slowly” and “passed” illustrate a calm tone. In other words, “We slowly drove, He knew no haste/ …We passed the School…/ We passed the setting sun,” demonstrates peaceful and dreamy atmosphere that one may imagine will happen on there first date (5,,11,1). She reminisces one’s life cycle in “Because I Could Not Stop for Death,” until eternity. In line , “School, where children strove,” emphasizes childhood; line 11, “Fields of Gazing Grain,” represents maturity; line 1, “Setting Sun,” is the universal clock, the thing by which humans measure their lives on earth; old age. In the last two lines she looks at the heads of the horses and sees that they are pointed “toward Eternity” (4), and suddenly she remembers the “Immortality” has been sitting besides her all along.

In thoughts, the image was ironic because she was motionless but everything else in her surroundings seemed to be rotating around the “carriage.” Emily creates the scene with sight, feeling , and sound to bring the picture to life. The first “We” that appeared “School, where Children strove” (). This line deals with an interesting symbol the “Ring” show how the children gathered among each other to laugh and play. Furthermore, it gives the reader a sense of sight and sound. The third “We” across the “Setting Sun,” revealed an detached image, where she seems to pass into a new dimension. The tone of this poem is set to put readers in an astonished atmosphere.

Finally, there are a few literary devices within “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson. Rhyme and alliteration comes to life once throughout the whole poem in the third stanza, “We passed the school…./At Recess…/ We passed the Field…./We passed the Setting Sun” (,10,11,1). Personification is used in line -4, when knowing a young, unmarried 1th century women took a carriage ride alone with a gentleman. In this case, a chaperon named “Immorality” rides with them. Lines 1- mention an example of hyperbole, an intentional exaggeration or overstatement that is not meant to be taken literally. In reality centuries are longer than a single day. However, unremarkable moments in a person’s life last longer than it seems. Moments of times where a person held a secret to themselves last forever. In content to the poem, knowing what happens when death comes is God’s secret which Emily Dickinson reveals in “Because I Could Not Stop for Death.”

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