Friday, October 28, 2011

war on iraq

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War on Iraq

Should we go?

After /11, Americans have had a fear of our homeland security. Are we secure in this day of age? For the past 15 years, Iraq, has been a big problem for many nations. Iraq being a strong supplier of the world’s oil resources, has had a leader who gives fear to many nations. Saddam Hussein is the Iraqi leader who in the past has tried to spread his domination and beliefs in many countries. In the past the U.S has slowed it down and has kept his force on hold. But are we still safe? Recently the U.S has had word that nuclear force has reached the hands and mind of Saddam Hussein. Many other factors has our nation thinking of whether or not war is an option to end all fears. Should we go to War with Iraq? There are many different views of what the U.S should do in this situation and I will give my take on it.

Saddam Hussein and his regime has been a strong totalartarian government for quite some time now. Since

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Many people have different opinions on the war with Iraq. I took a survey around school and with people I knew to see what they thought on this whole topic. There were 50 people I polled and the results were 6 of those people said we should while 0 said we should not and the other 4 said they did not care. Most people did not really know what was going on with this issue. It is sad for these people to vote on what they don’t even know about and even worse that some don’t care. It seems that the majority of college students do not care about this matter but are opiniated just by guessing.

There are many other Americans where this topic is of much importance.

I believe we should go to war with Iraq to stop future catastrophe’s. Saddam is what Hitler and Stalin were in my belief and if we don’t stop him now, who knows what can go on in the near future. With

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