Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thorpe Park

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Random Sampling ¡V asking random members of the public questions in the form of questionnaires or surveys.

Quota Sampling- Random members of the public asked from a selected quota/ group. E.g.

„h sex

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„h age

„h size of household

„h employment

For this assignment I will use Random Sampling. I will use this because it is a lot easier than grouping people first. I am more likely to get a balanced answer because I will not be asking people who are all interested in the same thing, or who are all the same age. I will not be using already existing data, as this may be out of date. I will not be using Quota Sampling as this will take a lot more time and will give me more complicated results which will be harder to analyse.

At Thorpe Park I used Random Sampling to answer my questionnaire. I asked random members of the public the questions that were required and I recorded their answers.

Secondary Data ¡V gathering together existing data that has already been collected and published for another purpose. For example Looking at employment statistics from the census data in your local library.

Primary Data ¡V gathering new data direct from the consumer by carrying out surveys based on structured questionnaires or interviewing a sample of people. For example Conducting a web survey about pupils favourite breakfast cereal on the school

Thorpe Park uses a couple of different methods of advertising to show the public about the park.

The first advertising method is called Informative Advertising. The purpose of Informative Advertising is to give the public information about the product being sold this means that the public will have a clear and honest image of what to expect.

Thorpe Park gives out informative leaflets carrying information about the park and about the background of the park. Because of this information, there is unlikely to be much doubt in the publics¡¦ mind about what Thorpe Park is really about.

The leaflets also contain valuable information about different rides. This would set some people¡¦s mind at rest if they were unfamiliar with theme parks and/or intense rides. It also helps to stop any disappointment that may occur if people visit the park and find that members of their group are unable to enjoy any of the rides/ attractions due to health/height/weight or psychical conditions.

Ticket prices and special events are commonly referred to in the Thorpe Park information leaflets, along with contact and location details.

Informative Advertising is not used to promote a product or service, it is used to inform the public about a particular issue.

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