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That was thn, this is now

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Q1. The book is called ‘That was then, this is now’ and the author is S.E. Hinton

Q. A) If I were Bryon, then I would probably have thought about turning Mark into the cops for quite a lot longer than he actually did. I would have tried to slowly convince Mark that it was a bad idea and that he should stop selling them. If he continued selling them, then I would wait a little while to get some extra cash and then turn him into the cops, as Bryon had done which made Mark turn “White” (Pg. 117). It would have been difficult to stop him dealing drugs because the text makes us perceive Mark to be an opportunist, strong minded and manipulative.

Q. B) One part I really liked was when Mark and Bryon picked up Angela Shepherd when she was drunk and gave her some more booze to knock her out. Then they got a pair of scissors and snipped off all her hair and left her outside her house. I liked this part because it shows Mark being rebellious and seeking revenge for what she did to him, and his excuse for it was “she coulda had me “killed” (Pg. 87)

Q. C) If you tried to judge this book by its cover, you would have figured half of the plot out. The title suggests that the book is written in past tense and that something big happened a while ago. The illustration shows that Mark and Bryon are good mates, when in the book, it shows that they started to become arrogant and rude to each other.

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Q. Bryon and Mark are physically the same, but mentally quite a lot different. Bryon and Mark have both got a tough reputation, a strong build and they like to pick fights together. Mark is tenacious, he chooses to think that the world doesn’t change, and that everything he does is the right way of doing it. Bryon, on the other hand, is more adaptable to what happens around him, and becomes more mature and noble than Mark.

Q4. Cathy seems to me like a believable character. She has a strong connection between M&M and herself, and acted believably when M&M went missing. Another part where she acted like a real person is when Mark leaped out of the car and punched some guy in the nose. She acted really angry, and Byron realized that if he had done it, she wouldn’t think of him as a hero (Pg. ?)

Q.5 “Don’t drag me into this, I thought. Don’t try to make me blind just because you are. Aloud I said “I called the Cops” and I felt as if I was talking in my sleep. Mark went white”

I chose this piece because just when you thought you knew Bryon inside out, he does something completely unpredictable to his best friend

Q.6 This book has taught me about the choices we make in life. All choices have consequences, whether its good or bad, depends on the choices we make. The consequences of some choices could be imprisonment, or death, but some consequences could earn you money, or a promotion. Bryon’s choice about turning Mark into the cops seems like a bad idea at first, but later on, Mark might’ve realized that it was for his own good. This book has also taught me that the influence of money can make anyone do just about anything, no matter what the consequences are.

Q.7 Something else I want to say about the text is that it is quite an enjoyable book, and that I would recommend it to anyone.

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