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The Republic of Plato

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Kalle Burroughs Philosophy



In our class discussion we talked about the education by beauty shape, the soul that it reflects the order of the world. There really isn’t a definition of what beauty truly is. In class we said it was a consummation of harmony and that beauty is a form and real. But what do we mean in real. Do we mean psychically real or symbolically real? People have different aspects of beauty and even if we are to be educated in what beauty is, how do the educators know what beauty is? Plato doesn’t believe in columns as luxurious. In Greece didn’t they believe that columns were symbolically power? People who were nobleman or had a higher position of power had columns in the house to signify there placement in society.

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Plato structures a society that is of higher hierarchy but it seems to me that he is forming a totalitarian. I not saying that he is but his societal structure is similar to a totalitarian government. A totalitarian government is when the political authority exercises absolute control over all aspects of life and opposition is outlawed. When Plato constructs this state in order to find what justice is he reconstructs the constitution and how one must live, which is to do one’s own profession for the good of the state. He is very careful not to allow and pseudos or variety into this ideal state. Plato states that pseudos are “false” and can be very dangers to what is real so this must be restricted in all sense. Variety can be dangerous as well because it allows not only happiness to travel through music and poetry but also the emotions of sadness, and anger. Could Plato be influenced in a totalitarian government in his development of the just state?

Beauty is a form of reality that is to be understood. One of Plato’s characteristics of Forms is essence- which immutable. I have a question concerning this meaning does this mean since beauty is unchangeable an ugly object cannot turn into a beautiful thing? Or does it have to remain beautiful from the beginning of its form?

Plato is not talking about reading and writing in its literal sense. It is a metaphor for “Forms.” In an earlier discussion we talked about Plato disliking reading and writing as a tool of communicating thoughts, ideas. He preferred that one should announce his ideas or thought my verbal expression. Though it is a metaphor of the “Forms” couldn’t we take it likely that he too is talking about reading?

Also I have a question regarding beauty and primary education. Beauty entails measure proportion and harmony and that to understand beauty we must be trained from the primary education. Since one didn’t know what beauty is when a child and not given a reason why it is true beauty then how are they to know what beauty is when they are an adult? Doesn’t it take philosophical knowledge in order to know true beauty; a universal beauty?

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