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personal goals

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Personal Goals 1

Personal Goals At The University Of Phoenix

Robert Allen

University Of Phoenix

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Gen/00 Skills For Professional Development

Group DB0BAC06

Mark A. Graf, BBA

July 7th, 00

Personal Goals


I have always had a goal of continuing my education and obtaining a Masters or Doctorates Degree. When I first withdrew from school I was in Junior College, I obtained a well paying job shortly after my first year of studying electronics. Because of this I decided to skip a semester of school and earn more money to help pay for some of life’s luxuries. After each continuous semester out of school passed, the process of getting back became more and more difficult. My current employer has made an offer I couldn’t refuse; they offered to pay for my studies at the University Of Phoenix. As you can see I jumped at the chance.


It is this writer’s opinion that personal goals are more obtainable if they are written down, planned for, and executed. For the next few years it will be very challenging to accomplish all the necessary labors that sustain my financial obligations and balance my academic goals with life’s time constraints. In the next few paragraphs I will outline the steps needed to divide multiple tasks to maximize time

Study Habits

Many people go through their daily routine with out giving much thought to all that could be accomplished. If intermediate goals were set to obtain the larger objectives, daily routines would be more focused and many of the small tasks that seem overwhelming because of the sheer quantity would be quickly accomplished and removed. This will leave more time for those tasks that truly require more because of the level of difficulty. As all the smaller objectives are meet it will seem easier and easier to achieve the objectives you have set. One of the benefits of setting goals and achieving them is the personal gratification and knowledge that even greater things can be accomplished.

Personal Goals


As I read the course outline, I start to develop a plan by determining how many books need to be read from the reading assignment and how many pages in those books, then I divide the number of days into the pages. This strategy gives me a guideline on how many pages need to be read per day and if I’m ahead or behind schedule. Next comes level of my planning, if there are any reports due then I divide up the complexity of the assignment by the number of day to complete. As all workloads are divide into smaller more manageable tasks the work appears much easier and is accomplished much faster and at a higher level then if procrastinated and done at the last minute.

Organization And Preparation

Throughout the day it is very easy to continue to think of what needs to be done to accomplish different objectives. This time could be spent doing instead of thinking, by following a list of tasks that outline your main goals for the day. I have noticed that the day is less demanding and goes by faster when I get up in the morning and exercise. This is a practice I will try to keep as I’m continuing my education.



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