Thursday, October 27, 2011

my journey to an associates degree

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Associates Degree

My Journey to an Associates Degree

In Business Administration

Making life better in some way seems to be ingrained in my nature. I

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often ask myself how can I be happier, healthier or wiser. I am using my goal of achieving an associates degree in business administration as a tool for creating a successful better life. It has been a very since I have studied and I want to improve the way I currently study. I have determined that I am a bottom up learner in hope that this knowledge will provide me with the skills needed to study effectively. Knowing this is one step towards achievement.

Bottom up learners prefer to have the information in a logical manner,

building up from the fundamentals, foundation, and basics and then

finishing with the big picture. Understanding the way I learn new things, my

individual learning style, will help me to choose learning activities that

ensure I learn effectively. This does not mean that I cannot learn from

methods that are not specifically suited to my style - in fact it can be good to

choose things outside my normal style occasionally, to create a balance and

help to improve my learning skills. I am a practical thinker. I base my decisions on practicality, details, and controlled data. I consider my strengths to be planning, supervising, administrating, and organizing. A considerable weakness I posses would be implementing ideas. I have no imagination and lack creativity. This is one of my main objectives for improvement in this course. After all, who wants to be thought of as dull and boring?

My biggest challenge has been adjusting to the distance-learning program. The absence of face-to-face interaction means that most of the learning material

Associates Degree

is very text-intensive. I know it is natural to worry about a new undertaking, and natural to be a little afraid. I just pray that I can be motivated and disciplined enough to study without constant reminders. I had to do an honest assessment of my needs and abilities. It seems education at a distance relies heavily on solid abilities in reading, writing, and thinking. Fortifying my communications and problem-solving skills will pay off in lots of ways, as well.

I have decided to try to adapt learning that is presented to me so that it more closely matches my preferred style. I have tried many of the recommended approaches for my learning style and have had success thus far. The tools I have learned will assist me on my journey to successful goal achievement, overcoming life’s obstacles and maximizing my potential. Knowing my goal of obtaining an associates degree in business administration and understanding my style of learning will help me to achieve. Furthermore, the methods I learn that do not serve me now may serve me or someone I know later.

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