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Idols: Do we honour the dead or do we honour our lies?

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As a teenager, growing up in Ireland in the 10s, I was always looking for some idol to identify with.

I always wanted a white idol, an Irish idol but never really found one. I found persons with whom I could identify like Michael Collins but noone whom I would strive to be like. Politicans in Ireland are frequently corrupt and strive to present that superficial image so pivotal to American politics.

The point Im about to make is that dispite the fact that one knows that a certain individual is most probably fake and possibly even breaks major moral rules for an individual, they will still allow concessions to that individual because they embody part the person themselves.

In a sense, the person in providing a concession for their own mental shortcoming.

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My first ever Idol was Bruce Lee. Truly he was one of the greatest martial artists that ever lived and many of the principles by which he lived his life, I adapted myself and have found have been major keys to success. My friends and I trained like maniacs at Kung Fu and always wanted to be the best there was. We were incredibly dedicated to our art, we were pioneers till the age of 1...bearing in mind Im Irish, and my peers began drinking at 1 and the vast majority drank(abused) regularily by the age of 16. Bruce Lee is an individual whom people throughout the world of all different walks of life identify with.

Bruce Lee died of a cerebral odema, though rumours persisted of murder throughout Hong Kong for various reasons ... some plausible, some ridiculous, all inexorably consuming.

Then Tupac Shakur was one of my next idols, surprising because not only do I live in a tactitly tolerant society, but I also hated rap music as a youngster. Tupac had something similar to Bruce Lee, a level of conviction, a level of confidence. His music is haunting and has introduced me to a world I never knew existed - I dont mean South Central Los be honest, I dont particularily care about South Central LA, and would also dispute the fact that it DOES exist!

Nope, the world Im taking about is one entirley different.

Although I consider myself to be relativley articulate, I find it difficult to put into words just exactly what that world is. Perhaps its emotion, which is why it is difficult to pinpoint.

Tupac Shakur was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in 16 in Las Vegas. Similar to Bruce Lee, many intensley interesting rumours persist about his death and the conjecture by fans rivals even the imaginative genius of Tupac himself!

Next and I suppose finally was Mike Mentzer. Perhaps the greatest bodybuilder who ever lived in my opinion, though he never won an Overall Mr.Olympia title. He won the heavyweight 17 Mr.Olympia, but lost overall to Frank Zane who was the lightweight victor.

The following year he resigned from bodybuilding in disgust at an apparent fix, in which Mr.Arnold Schwarzenegger returned after a six year break from bodybuilding to reclaim his 7th Mr.Olypia in what is probably one of THE most controversial sporting events in the history of Planet Earth.

Mike Menzter died in 001

What do all these idols have in common?

All were underdogs, who were never afraid to oppose public opinion, in fact, they succeeded by their opposition.

All used drugs(anabolic steroids) and some form of stimulant(amphetimines) which in my culture would be strictly frowned upon.

All were only realised for their full potential, AFTER they had expired, and were then realised to be perhaps the greatest in their field among their peers and fans.

Well, it doesnt matter I could go on.

But the thing I must point out is that as different as these these individuals are from race, culture, occupation etc. I have managed to idenitify something within my own consciousness which allows me to identify with them.

Many people would readily accept that after death, the man dies and the legend is born, however, perhaps it is not the man whom one ever identified with, they simply facilitated a method for the individual to expand their own perceptions and beliefs.

To sum up, the most succesful president in the history of the United States is commonly regarded as Ronald Regan(note I wrote president not politican. They are ENTIRLEY different things. LOL!).

And Ronald Regans profession before presidency was acting.

And what is acting but perfecting malleability.

Is your mind malleable?

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