Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fitting Into Society

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It is evident that our society has changed significantly because of the grounds and aftermath of World War I. The world we live in today contrasts greatly with that ten years ago. This aftermath has remolded our society’s economy, employment, entertainment, i.e.�and of utmost importance, gender roles. Subsequent to the war, men’s role in society has suffered little effect. It is that of women, which displays a significant and noticeable alteration. Woman’s sexuality, status in the workplace and role in the family and marriage has all been affected. The standard proper roles within these must be followed. The entire female population must shift its role toward one of motherhood and domesticity, just as a chameleon adapts to its surroundings. As women, a higher degree of responsibility and vocation lay on your backs.

Desire for individual freedom is evident of females today. Signs show a more reckless generation of females, full of truthfulness, fast living, and sexual behavior. Alyse Gregory once stated, “But for the first time…girls broke through those invisible chains of custom and asserted their right to a nonchalant, self-sustaining life of their own with a cigarette after every meal and a lover in the evening to wander about with…” The “new woman” of today displays her sexy side to the public in an innocent manner. Moreover to femininity display, these women engage in premarital sex; however, morals have not dropped within these women despite first impressions and many peoples’ beliefs. I understand these new orthodox attributes to be appropriate and embrace backing of good judgment. We have lost many brave and patriotic men through the hardships of fighting. Subsequently, this reduction of the male population has caused fewer women to “save” their selves for that perfect man. Additional responsibility is consequent of sexual activity and marriage, yet, greatly outweighs the less promising idea of becoming a lonely widow. Many of the females I look upon this instance will become wives and mothers sooner than desired and see this responsibility first hand. Although, increased work and stress and a decline in leisure money and time will result, the family is mandatory, for our nation’s future lies in your hands as mothers. Your offspring make and fuel the economy.

As for married couples, with or without children, the woman has the responsibility and job as housekeeper. Women’s job in society today belongs nowhere except in the home. Women who fight the system of traditional gender roles in the workforce work to hard only to fall short of a man’s earnings. Alice Rogers recently published data of Week’s Earnings of Males and of Females in Factories provides sufficient evidence that a woman’s work in the factory can only expect to earn slightly over half of what a man would receive. Besides, with most marriages resulting in children and families, who shall take care of the children? Shall you neglect them or just deplete your hard earned money on a babysitter? No, it is your job to take care of the children. God intentionally gave the male stronger attributes, making him designed to do the dirty work of this machine age. As your husband works, you should take care of the home dust, do laundry, sweep, sew, mend, wash dishes and prepare meals for the family. Of utmost importance, do not let being your own boss and knowing that you will not be fired result in laziness. Consider these attributes a privilege; nonetheless, remember that housekeeping is your job and is needed by the family.

Lastly, the females must take care of our nations’ men. Feed and take sufficient care of your husband when he is home from work. If he works hard for the income that pays for the families’ comfort and living, match his effort throughout the tasks of the home manage the money, pay the bills and take care of your husband and the children. Do not be foolish and waste your husbands’ money on material items for yourself. As a wife, you should do anything possible to save his money; his money is what fuels the whole family. Make your husband feel loved and at ease so that he can always work top notch and stress free, doing your part to help your husband earn a promotion one day. In accord, Ernest and Gladys H. Groves states “Of course the wife who helps her husband on to success makes the home life restful and refreshing.” Your hard work will be noticed through time, for hard work early leads to an easier life when you are older. Make his day seem worthwhile and your marital and sexual relationships will be greatly enhanced from your efforts.

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So ladies, when your new sexy approach rewards you with a good man, do not lose him. Take his hand in marriage and provide him with your care in the home. If both husband and wife convey hard work, overall satisfaction and relaxation at the end of the day and throughout your lives will be fulfilled. Changes in society will indefinitely occur; yet, domesticity and motherhood are the roles placed on women of today.

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