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I. The history of where chocolate comes from.

A. Biologically where chocolate comes from.

1. Cocoa bean is the seed of the cacao tree.

. The type of tree is called the Theobroma cacao.

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. Cocoa is defined by the 1-000 Encyclopedia Britannica Online to be

a highly concentrated powder make form chocolate liquor.

B. The People who were involved with chocolate

1. In the year 150, Christopher Columbus brought cacao beans to Spain,

and chocolate slowly spread throughout the world.

. The cacao tree dates back more than 000 years ago by the Maya, Toltec, and the Aztecs.

C. How chocolate was first prepared.

1. The Aztecs prepared the cocoa beans as a beverage by sundrying-shelled beans and mashing it into liquid.

. Chocolate was called Xocaatl, which meant bitter water.

Now that we have melted our way into the history of chocolate Id like to take us to taste the three main types of chocolate Milk, white, and dark chocolate.

II. These are the three main types of chocolate. (According to

A. There is milk chocolate.

1. Milk chocolate is made up of 10% chocolate liquor and 1% milk solids, combined with sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla.

. Milk chocolate is the most common chocolate in most sweet candies.

B. There is white chocolate.

1. White chocolate does not contain chocolate liquor at all. Its ingredients include cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, and vanilla.

. There has been some debate as to whether or not white chocolate is real chocolate because it doesnt contain chocolate liquor.

C. There is dark chocolate.

1. Dark chocolate is made from 15-5% if chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla.

. Dark chocolate is also referred to as sweet and semisweet chocolate, it got its name dark chocolate because it was darker than the milk and white chocolate.

So now that we have had a taste of the main types of chocolate milk, white, and dark chocolate, lets go take a dip into the chemical composition of chocolate.

III. These are the chemical compositions of chocolate. (According to John Glenn Benner author of the book The Emperors of


A. Chemicals in chocolate include

1. Serotonin transmits calmness to brain.

. Phenoylthylamine a chemical released in our brain when we fall in love.

. Endorphins transmit high level energy and euphoria to our brain cells.

4. Theobromine a substance similar to caffeine, it affects brain function by increasing alertness, concentration and cognitive functioning.

B. The Theobroma Tree that chocolate comes from, means food for the gods. According to Sara S. Berry author of the book Cocoa, Custom, and Socioeconomic Change in Rural Western Nigeria.

C. Chocolate has a blend of over five hundred flavors (.5 times more than any other food.)

Our tour has now come full circle, when all of you indulged in the chocolate I gave you, you may not have been aware that the chocolate in itself contained milk, white, and dark chocolate. But now you are aware of where chocolate comes from, the main types of chocolate and finally now you should understand why your body reacted to the chocolate the way it did. Since we just freshly dipped ourselves into the chemical composition. Id to leave you with the answer to the myth that you all have been dying to know Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac? Well according to after careful study and extensive experiments they have concluded to the delight of many that this is actually true.

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