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blank face

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�x Alice likened to the favourite pigeon. The old man keep bird in, cannot control Alice.

�x receives the new pigeon, he is able to release the favourite he accepts that shutting it in is not right.

Attitudes in the text

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�x attitudes old man - we see most things through his eyes.

�x see Alices and Lucys not through narration or description - only in what they say to him.

�x Stevens viewpoint is almost invisible.

�x only clue is his gift

Attitudes behind the text

�x men and women seem to have clearly defined roles

old man

�x has no name

�x perhaps make him seem more universal


�x young woman but he still sees her as a child - or would like to do so.

�x She looks young and sometimes acts in a carefree way, but mostly she has a serious and grown up wish to marry her boyfriend, and settle into a domestic routine.

Lucy daughter

�x depicted as a grown up in her appearance (square-fronted),

�x her actions (she looks after her father) and the way in which her father thinks of her (¡§that woman¡¨).

But we know that Lucy married at seventeen ¡§and never regretted it¡¨. She tries to reassure the old man about Alice

Steven Alices boyfriend.

�x In the story we see him through the old mans eyes

�x The reader is not likely to share this disapproval. Lucy expects him to be as good a husband as her other three girls have. And he is thoughtful enough to give the old man a present of a pigeon.

The setting - time and place

�x setting could almost be anywhere, except for a few clues.

�x One is the wooden veranda at the front of the whitewashed house

�x repeatedly mentioned, is the frangipani tree.

�x English in its setting

„h the valley, the earth, the trees;

„h the dovecote;

„h Lucys sewing;

„h plates and cups of tea;

„h Stevens fathers job - he is a ¡§postmaster¡¨

narrative seems quite modern in showing a young woman about to leave home, the attitudes of the grandfather are more traditional

Alice will not give in to the old mans wishes, she still shows respect for him.


Body language -actions and gestures

�x attitudes appear often in actions.

�x grandfather shouts ¡§Hey!¡¨ Alice jumps.

�x She is alarmed, but then becomes evasive, as we see when her ¡§eyes veiled themselves¡¨.

�x She adopts a neutral voice and tosses her head, as if to shrug off his confrontational stance.

thinks of Steven the old mans hands curl, like claws into his palm.

�x reference to eyes - ¡§lying happy eyes¡¨, telling old man nothing will change

�x Alice is ¡§wide-eyed¡¨ tears sad at the end of childhood.

�x Lucy shades her eyes with her hand, interested Flight pigeons not let go of her domestic routine -

�x her hand still holds her sewing.

�x She waits on her father - ¡§brought him a cup, set him a plate¡¨ but lets him know that she will not give in to his demands, when she takes up her sewing.


�x repetition reinforce details of the scene (sunlight, the frangipani tree, the veranda, Lucys sewing

�x to identify people (¡§the postmasters son¡¨ and ¡§his daughter¡¨ or the ¡§woman¡¨).

�x many references to peoples bodies - to eyes, legs and hair.

�x show us people as they really are

�x they show us people as the old man sees them ¡§long bare legs¡¨

�x Comparisons to natural things

�x Alices long legs are likened to the frangipani stems - shining-brown

�x The old mans fingers curl like claws suggests his own pigeons

�x single word tells us a great deal when the old man talks of ¡§courting¡¨ he reveals the gulf between himself and Alice. She is struck by the ¡§old-fashioned phrase¡¨.

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