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Australian Federation

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Towards the end of nineteenth century, the people of Australian began to consider the idea of Federation, as there were growing concerns over the security of themselves if they were suddenly attacked or if the economy collapsed. The main reasons for federation were colonial rivalry, nationalism, Defence, the economy and the fear of immigration from other non-white countries.

The rivalry and differences between the colonies was very strong especially in trade matters. Victoria had a system of protectionism with tariff charged on goods coming into Victoria. Therefore, they would be more expensive, so be less appealing than the Victoria¡¯s own goods. So people still buy the Victorian goods, therefore Victoria protected its goods from outside competition. The colonies had there separate postal and transport systems and all had their army and naval divisions. There was a railway linking Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide however the separate colonies could not decided on the gauge of track used. These many problems lead people to believe that federation would solve.

At the turn of the nineteenth century, more than two-thirds of the people living in the colonies were born in Australia. They began to discover that they were one nation with the same language and ancestry. This was promoted by telegraphs, painting, poems, newspapers and national publications such as The Bulletin. The feeling of nationalism grew when an Australian cricket team was sent back to England and defeated them. This feeling of nationalism conducted people to support federation so they could be one nation.

During the 1880¡¯s and 180¡¯s there were increasing anxiety over defence of Australia, especially with the Germans moving into parts of New Guinea, France into New Caledonia and Vanuatu and the Russians in the north pacific. The threat of invasion was rising. When the British government sent a Major General to survey Australia¡¯s defence he was disgusted and said that they would not have a chance against invasion. The only solution would be the unification of the armies and that would only be a result of federation.

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In the 180¡¯s there was a depression in the eastern colonies, which was a result from fallen wheat and wool prices, a drought and the withdrawal of British investment money in colonies. Many people suffered from this and people began to wish for federation so they could have a unified banking system and a combined economic policy so other colonies could help a colony if they suffered from a depression.

The threat of non-white people taking over was escalating when the Queenslanders had eight thousand seven hundred Pacific Islander working for them and the Japanese and Chinese rushed to the gold rush. The different colonies have different immigration policies so the non-white would come to Australia in Adelaide and travel by foot to Victoria so when they want an all white policy they needed unification immigration policies.

The defence issue is the strongest argument to federation because if the defence was still separated, the Germans might have invaded and the result of world war one and world war two may have been a lot different.

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