Friday, September 2, 2011

Toy Box

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During my visit to the Omni Hotel I viewed a number of great art works on

display in the main lobby. While viewing each I noticed a playful face kept catching my

eye. The Toy Box by Raymond Prucher invites the child qualities of the view with a

wonderful and playful expression.

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Toy Box resembles a toy a child would like to play with as well as store some toys inside. The painting name, combined with the characters smile, seems to invite the viewer and suggests us to feed him toys. We get this feeling that our toys would be safe held inside the jolly sphere shaped toy box. Once realizing the dark black back round we see that the smile might be deceiving and the glowing face is trying to trick you into placing toys inside without compensating for what might happen to them.

Against the black back round the whiteness of the sphere helps it to almost bounce off the painting like a ball but is held to the canvas by illuminating reflections found around the base of the sphere and foreground. The dark colored illuminating lights are soft and painted in similar tones and suggest a cushion for the playful yet deceptive sphere to rest and prey on it’s next victims toys.

Toy Box is a playful painting and to a child may seem harmless. With the characters cheery smile and inviting eyes a child might see no consequences if they fed a couple toys to the character. We as adults might have second thoughts as the dark blackness of the back round might symbolize a black hole and toys once swallowed by this playful figure would be trapped in orbit for eternity.

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