Monday, August 15, 2011


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The man walked down the lonely field before he was slain by a number of interesting beings.Was this a shrewd business move? It is hard to say, but I believe that the stock exchange will benefit from such a deal. Yes or no? Some people believe the former, others the latter. A difference in opinion comes about because so much subterfuge is involved in this area.Anyway, it can be argued that a number of shares in the region of 111100 would overload the business market. Sixty-four percent of business men think twice before entering into such a decision. What would you construe as beneficial to Britains economy? Obstinate demands; real timing - these twin factors really do comprise, when combined with impeccable timing and wit, the true bane of society. If you consider the financial implications, you will see exactly why. For the lesser able, I will explain.

Mark 1=45%

45% of consumer inters=54% consumer reward.

Perhaps you see now?

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Not that you are at fault, of course.The true blamant - and I will challenge anyone who says blamant is not a word to an adrenalin-fuelled duel involving motorbikes - is, of course, our feeder society. Mr. Blair knows its value; you know its value - only those plebs who see houses as enlarged igloos can not.

Cars and Lorries is always an intriguing debate. On the one hand, in a game of chicken, the lorry has the clear advantage. Some sort of ram would help the cars cause, but in reality the rear-spoiler will always prevail.

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