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Working at Mcdonalds

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You know, I used to work at Mcdonalds, getting paid minimum wage. You know what it means when they pay you minimum wage?

It means they dont give a damn about you. You know what they are trying to tell you? They are trying to say, hey if I could pay you less I would but its against the law. The boss even has the guts to come and say how you are doing. I mean he knows how the hell I am doing. How the hell can I be doing anything with this little bit ojf money you have been paying me.

Have you ever been in the Mcdonald line and there is this guy that doesnt have money for anything. He has

I think mining should not be allowed in Antarctica and here are my reasons

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Antarctica is a beautiful place with its spectacular view. This magnificent continent is larger than either Europe or Australia, with Ice and snow covering 8 percent of Antarctica. Antarctica is the most extraordinary continent in the world. The Antarctic ice sheet is the worlds largest, and contains about seven-tenths of the world’s fresh water. This stunning and tremendous land is home to many animals such as penguins, polar bears, seals, whales, fish and much, much more. Most extraordinary of all facts is that Antarctica is actually a desert. Amazingly it gets the same amount of rain as the Sahara desert which is in fact less then 50mm. It is so cold and freezing in Antarctica that the temperature can even reach -8 Degrees Celsius.

Antarctica is the last vast wilderness on the planet. Its gigantic icebergs, mountain ranges and the emptiness of the polar plateau boggle the mind, while its temperatures, winds and weather send shivers down the spine. Its a place of extremes - beautiful and serene, savage and violent - and its scale is almost vast whether youre on the ground or viewing it from an aircraft.

The last decade has shown, much to the relief of many, tourism, no mining or oil drilling which has effected Antarcticas growth industry. Theres a good chance that the continent will remain a free and clean place of international cooperation and a better place.

Antarctica is a special place because it has less pollution than anywhere else in the world. It doesn’t have any smokestack industry, agricultural activity or permanent human population. From this point of view, Antarctica will only remain scientifically valuable if it is properly managed today with no mining or anything which can harm or destroy this splendid and gorgeous place. But unfortunately today dark shadows of pollution are looming over this remote continent and has to be stopped.

You may have heard about global warming. It seems that in the last 100 years the earths temperature has increased about half a degree Celsius. This may not sound like much, but even half a degree can have an effect on our planet. The main ice covered landmass is Antarctica at the South Pole, with about 0 percent of the worlds ice and 70 percent of its fresh water. Antarctica is covered with ice an average of ,1 meters which is about 7,000 feet thick. If all of the Antarctic ice melted, sea levels around the world would rise about 61 meters or ,000 feet. Which can be very harmful, but we can prevent this by causing less pollution and allowing no mining in Antarctica. But if pollution or mining was allowed in Antarctica then Antarctica will then become a garbage dump and effect us.

This historic site made a deep impression upon all on us. With its uniqueness and its beauty. Antarctica is also a wonder of scientific interest and the largest area on earth containing World Heritage Values. Mining is banned in the Antarctic by the Antarctic Treaty, and there are no known future plans by the Antarctic Treaty nations to reverse this decision.

In past times it was only heroes, scientists and explorers whoever visited the frozen expanses of the Antarctic - the coldest, windiest, iciest, driest, most barren and remote area in the world. To discover the uniqueness and the extraordinary wonders of this continent. Now when we think of Antarctica we think about its magnificence and beauty and also how important this continent is to us. We also think about the animals which live in and Antarctica and how they might die if mining or pollution was allowed in Antarctica.

So with all this information should we consider the fact that mining should be allowed in Antarctica? Well I certainly think no.

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