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The picture illustrates poverty. It shows small houses in very bad state. Those houses have not the conditions for people to live. In front of the houses, there is a lake. This lake looks very contaminated because it has many residues in it. At the same time and despite the picture’s color is black and white it is noticeable that the lake has a black color, giving it a worse appearance. Also, there are children in the polluted lake taking the garbage that is in it. Those children and other people live in that environment. This picture makes me feel sad, lucky and also reminds me my country of born.

The first feeling that I have when I look at the picture is sadness. It is very depressing when you see and imaging people living in those conditions. Those people live in houses that one day not too far are going to fall down because of their status. Also, they might be uncomfortable living in houses that are not, for sure, very hygienic. The fact that those people live in an inappropriate environment, make them also have bad modals and behavior. Moreover, we I look at those children taking objects that had been used and thrown by other people make me think about the necessity they have. They might be seeking in that lake for food or something that would entertain them. In addition, when I see that lake, I also think about how sick those people might be because the contaminated water of that lake brings many insects that are also infected with some virus or illness. Finally, the conditions and the environment in what those people live make me feel depress because these are the reasons why poor people end up dying.

Second, when I see that picture that illustrates poverty, I also consider myself as a lucky person. When I refer myself as lucky person, it is because thanks God I don’t live in those circumstances that those people in the picture live, and also because I have never felt the necessity of something to live in a good environment. My parents have been making a big effort for me to have and appropriate kind of life and also a good education. I have always lived in a clean place where everything is proper for a good hygiene. This has made me be free of any dangerous illness. Moreover, I have never felt the lack of food to go to a dirty and polluted lake and take the food that has been eaten by other people. I can say that I am a lucky person not because I have had all that I have wanted and needed but because I have always had a better life than those people in the picture; noticing that I am not discriminating them.

The last thing that the picture remains me is about my country of born. When I see that picture, it is like I see the places where poor people live in my country. In my country the majority of the population is poor people that is why, it is very common see places like that in my country. The poor people from my country also live in places near to a contaminated lake. Moreover, all these places have houses that are in the same state than the houses in the picture are. Therefore, the people from my country who live in those inappropriate houses have the same habit of taking trash than those people in the picture. The picture also remains me that in my country the government doesn’t do anything to stop this problem of poverty. The government is aware of the situation in which most of the people in my country live, but they prefer to focus in other problems, sometimes too insignificant, than to help those poor people have a better kind of life. The picture remains me the actual state in what people from my country live.

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When I first looked at the picture many things came up to my mind, but just three of them really moved me. First, how depressing the conditions in which those people live are. Second, when it comes to kind of life, how lucky I feel when I compare myself with them. Last but not least, the thoughts of the people and the actual condition of my country that the picture brings to my mind.

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