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Illustarte a person that you always dreamed of as a friend, a person who is understandable, who cares for everybody, and who is part of your family. That person, I found out, is my sister, who is always there for me. My sister is a very admirable person because of her intelligence, beauty, and personality.

To begin with, my sister is a very admirable person, and she proves it day by day. First of all, my sister is one of the best students in her class. For example, she is always bringing home pure A’s, and she studies almost all day long. Also, her expressions when she speaks are very intellectual phrases, proving her intelligence. To illustrate, when she talks in class, usually her friends will stay looking at her as if she were some kind of person with more brain than everybody else in that room. Moreover, she is a very independent person. She doesn’t need to be helped by anybody because she is always capable to do anything she wants by herself. When she does her homework, she doesn’t ask for help even if she would need it, she would spend time on it trying hard to do it by her own.

Furthermore, my sister is always considered as a beautiful teenager. Her face looks like a baby face, not only because of the skin, but also because of the expressions. As an illustration, her eyes will always make you remember childhood. Also, she is always concerned about the way she looks, and she tries as much as possible to look nice and wear the appropriate clothes and makeup. Furthermore, she always goes to the fitness center to keep in shape and workout as much as she needs. For example, the last month she was going three times a week for about an hour because she gained a few pounds, but now that she lost them she is going twice a week. For my sister, it is always important the way she looks because, as she says, “one’s appearance is the reflection of one’s personality”.

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Also, her personality is what I mostly like about her, and that is what makes her special. My sister is a very sympathetic person, and this is remarkable in every single party that she attends. To illustrate, at a party that she went to last year, everybody was so impressed about her, so they kept talking about her for one week after the party. In addition, she is a very helpful person, and she is always trying to find out what you need or what she can do to make you feel better. Finally, when you have a deep conversation with her, you can notice how comprehensive she is with everybody. To illustrate, she will always listen to you, she will have good advice when you really need it, and, of course, she will be there when you really need her.

To conclude, I will always admire my sister for who she is and what she does. First of all, her intelligence is remarkable everywhere she goes, and whoever listens to her will be surprised. Also, her beauty attracts not only the handsome guys, but also the gentlemen who seek a remarkable person at their side. Finally, her personality is the most amazing part, showing how she cares for everybody, doing everything with the best intention, and always helping everyone.

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