Friday, August 12, 2011

Analysis of Frost's "A Minor Bird"

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Four closed couplets in mixed iambic and anapestic tetrameter, rhyming aa bb cc dd.

Line-by-Line Analysis

1- The speaker voices his displeasure over a bird that annoys him with its incessant “all day” (line ) singing. He wishes it would permanently “fly away” (line 1) from his house, presumably taking its singing elsewhere.

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-4 The speaker, says he has tried chasing the persistent bird away by clapping his hands at it “from the door” (line ) when he feels he cannot stand to listen to it any longer. It is interesting to note that the speaker has not taken more extreme measures in getting rid of the bird, perhaps because he believes it would be wrong to harm it just because he doesn’t appreciate its singing.

5-6 At this point the speaker blames himself in part for own intolerance and unappreciative attitude towards the bird, since the bird can’t be held responsible for the way it sings or what it must sound like. He is aware of the fact that the bird just sings whatever it sings, however it sings it and when, because that is simply its nature. On the other hand, he cannot help being annoyed by it either.

7-8 As a result of his blameworthiness in the previous stanza, the speaker says there “must be something wrong” (line 7) with him because he dislikes the bird’s singing so intensely. He then generalizes over this in the end, concluding that there “must be something wrong” with anyone, not just with himself, “In wanting to silence any song” (line 8). He seems to concede that the point of song is to bring joy and pleasure to whoever might be listening to it, regardless of whether the song is solicited by the listener or not.


1. The title of the poem seems to carry a clue to as to how we are to take it in terms of its meaning. The word “minor” connotes not only inferiority and comparative unimportance, but it is also the name of a musical key that is typically sad and lamenting in sound.

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