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World Of Affairs

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It’s a Small World, after All

The world is a happy place where people are sympathetic with one another and united despite their differences�this message encapsulates one particular understanding of the world in which the normal condition is one of harmony and accord, where people are naturally good and kind.

From this perspective on international politics, cooperation is normal, understanding between people is easy once we get to know one another, and disputes are superficial anomalies that can be resolved amicably. (Ties in with piece on Liberalism in lecture notes)

People can and ultimately must understand and accommodate each other.

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Star Wars

Different view of the world conflict between good and evil. This perspective is the exact opposite of the idealistic view in which conflicts are resolvable by peaceful means and all people are naturally sympathetic with one another.

In this view, evil persons create conflicts and seek to defeat the forces of truth, justice, and ‘the American Way’. World politics is fundamentally a struggle between evil states and good states. Tension in the world is created by evil states that seek to gain at the expense of weaker nations.

Wars do not start because of the situation in which states find themselves, but rather because of the aggressive intentions of evil states or leaders.

These two views suggest either that the natural order of humanity is harmonious, or that history is a conflict between the forces of light and those of darkness. These contrasting interpretations are necessitated by the fact that there is no automatic order in the international system. In domestic politics, there are legal norms that are enforceable on individuals. In world politics, however, no one rules over the states.

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