Friday, July 8, 2011

Slug vs. Sage

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Some styles or techniques used by Hip-hop emcees, or rappers, may be shared by more than one person. Each emcee uses these styles or techniques in their own inimitable way. The difference in two prominent rappers, Slug and Sage Francis, is remarkable. Each uses his personal “twist” of rhyming to bring music to a microphone. Slug and Sage Francis are most notably different from each other in their voice, flow, and lyrics.

A Hip-hop emcee, Slug, has a voice, flow, and lyrics identical to no other. First off, the voice of Slug is unmistakable. He has a deep and soothing voice. He has a knack for accenting certain words or syllables when trying to make a point. In one song, “Don’t Ever Question that,” Slug emphasizes the word “ever” to make his point. Second, Slug has a flow as smooth as silk. He raps at a mellow pace, rarely changing his speed. Slug uses his flow to express opposing feelings in his rhymes, which he does without altering the rhythm of a song. For example, in the song “Travel,” he goes back and forth between the positives and negatives of touring without changing the speed or emotion in his flow. Finally, Slug uses thorough, yet poetic, lyrics to explore a variety of topics. Sluggo, as he is often called, enjoys relating his own life and personal issues into his lyrics. Some topics of his lyrics are women, traveling, and magazines. He raps about subjects that people ranging from age ten to ninety can relate. For instance, in the song “Nothing but Sunshine,” Slug reminisces about growing up parentless, due to the death of his mother

and his father’s suicide. As one can see, Slug brings his personal style to a microphone through his voice, flow, and lyrics.

On the other hand, Sage Francis also has his own particular use of his voice, flow, and lyrics. To start, Sage’s voice is distinct in its own way. His voice is rough and sporadically changing. He sings to, and follows, the rhythm of the beat. In “All word No play,” his voice changes with the beat as he tries to match tones with the music. Next, Sage has a flow superior to most other emcees. He has the ability to change up his flow two or three times in a single song, but almost seems to lose control of his rhythm. One minute he is rhyming calmly and the next he is rapidly flowing as he expresses his rage. This is best shown in the song “Makeshift Patriot,” where he details the aftershocks of the World Trade Center attacks. Last, Mr. Francis uses many abstract lyrics. He often leaves the listener pondering after hearing his songs. The song “Majority Rule” is a mystery. While listeners continually make incorrect guesses at its theme, Sage refuses to reveal its true meaning. Sage Francis created an exclusive style using his voice, flow, and lyrics.

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Slug and Sage Francis will be remembered as two celebrated emcees. They will also go down in history as two different types of emcees that each used his personal style to shine on the microphone. Whether it is in their voice, flow, or lyrics one will surely see the difference in the emcees Slug and Sage Francis.

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