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Rocky, the 177 Best Picture Oscar winner directed by John Avilden is a fairy tale about a down-and-out boxer who gets a chance at the fight of a lifetime, and even though he loses, he still gains respect and at the same time wins the girl.

Back when bell bottoms were hip and America was awash in the optimism of celebrating its Bicentennial, a good-looking but lumpy actor with the very un-cool name of Sylvester connected with us (DVD Review-Rocky 1). Sylvester Stallone not only is the star of this movie, but to many people’s surprise (and also mine), he is also the one who wrote the script and choreographed the boxing scenes. He did not direct this low budget ($1 million) film, but he played an important role as the scriptwriter and ideas-contributor. As a result of this, Rocky, which earned nine Oscar nominations, went on to earn back its cost by more than one hundred-fold, and catapulted Stallone to overnight fame. It is hard to remember there was a time before he was a joke and a parody of himself; the struggle to get this script made, with him acting in it, can only be admired (Trash City review Rocky 1).

The aspect of Rocky for many people who have not watched the movie in years is that it is as much a tender love story as it is about ring action. From that awe-inspiring music and scene, to many memorable characters and catchphrases (“ADRRRIAAANNN!”), there is no denying “Rocky” has a place in film history, and it was the winner of three Academy Awards (DVDlaunch Rocky 1). Rocky Balboa (Stallone) is an unknown underground boxer who could fight anyone for a $50 purse. His lone ambition is to stay afloat. He lives in a one-room apartment with

two turtles and a fish, and spends his days working as a debt collector. Mickey (Burgess Meredith), the irritable manager at the boxing club where he works out, is upset with Rocky because he once had the ability to become a great boxer, but he threw it all away. When Rocky’s attention is not on fighting or his job, it is on wooing Adrian (Talia Shire), the painfully shy sister of his best friend Paulie (Burt Young). Rocky is in love with Adrian, but his peculiar behavior and unorthodox dating approaches, scare her off.

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Rocky’s fortune changes when Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), the World Heavyweight Champion, chooses him as his opponent. Apollo’s original fight is against his #1 challenger, but injuries to the opponent cause him to back out five weeks before the event. In the meantime, Creed decides to give a local Philadelphia fighter a chance, and Rocky’s nickname “The Itallion Stallion” catches his attention. As a result, an unknown boxer with no management or representation suddenly has a chance at the World Championship title. However, from Rocky’s perspective, winning is not that important. He wants one thing out of the fight with Apollo -- self-respect he can get by fighting the champion. Even more than that, he wants to conquer Adrian’s heart. This is the reason why the movie’s final scene is more concerned with the result of the romance than with the result of the match - which by the way, was against Rocky’s luck.

The movie is filmed entirely in the city of Philadelphia during a winter of 176. Every location from the Adrian’s pet store near Rocky’s apartment to the Art Museum steps where Rocky raises his arms in triumph takes place in Philly.

What makes Rocky special is that it focuses on the characters, not sports. It would be absurd to say that the crucial boxing fight is not important � it is after all

the movie’s centerpiece, but that is not all Stallone’s movie is about. There are only a couple fights in the whole film, which are one at the beginning and one at the end. In between, every screen moment shows Rocky’s development as a person. He does not posses the qualities of a hero � he’s crude, stupid, manner-less, and has limited aspirations. Nevertheless, Rocky possess a likeable side; he has a gentle and caring way to treat Adrian. And it is this relationship that is the key that

makes Rocky’s ending victorious. He may lose the fight, but he gains so much more.

Rocky is a movie that has a little bit of everything - good argument, short romance, and lots of action towards the end of it. The quality of the film may not be better that its sequels, but it is a somewhat refreshing experience to go back and re-connect with the original, which started it all. Rocky is not a flawless motion picture, but it is a good classic, and well worth another look.

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