Monday, July 11, 2011

O' brother

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In O Brother Where Art Thou, I was able to notice that there were several characters that related to characters in the Odyssey. The cyclops was the traveling Bible salesman which was also killed by the fiery cross but in the book he was killed by a fiery stake. Petes brother was the Lastergonian because he turned his brother in for money. Also, I dont know if any of you noticed this, but there were lots of pigs in the movie. The reason why was because Circe turned Odysseus man into pigs. This is probably the reason for the unusual appearances of pigs. The sirens were the ladies that were in the lake. There was a lot of just plain folk culture that was added to the movie that had nothing to do with The Odyssey. The water that washed the three men away and kept them from being killed was a represetation of Charybdis. Only difference, was that all three of the men survived, but in the book, only odysseus lived. Well that was all that i was able to think of but if any of you can think of anything else please post. Thanks a lot. I am fixing to type a bunch of wierd stuff! Sorry! jfakljfsd safjdklsjkflsda fsdafklsdahjfkls jkfjakljf

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jasdkfjlsksjf fjsksjf sjfsd sjk sdkjjk dlsfsdkl. Once upon a time, in a far away land there was a girl who was crazy. Then she ate all of the people in the town. Ok ok i know this stuff is wierd but what else do i write about. This is kinda hard if you know what i mean.

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