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Metaphysical poetrys relevance

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Metaphysical poetry is still as important and relevant today as it was in the late sixteenth century. It uses universal themes and beautiful language to appeal to modern audiences and expand the mind of those who read it. Metaphysical poetry is intellectual poetry. Intellectual poetry is that it makes frequent reference to the world of ideas and strenuous demands of the reader’s intelligence. The use of symbolism with layers of allegorical interpretation in metaphysical poetry was a literacy tradition and a habit of mind. The poetry includes the simplest themes along the surface of life, sorrow and joy, love, battle and peace. Questions that were asked long ago are still being asked today. Metaphysical poetry discussed these questions and relates to everyone who reads them, as the poets never answer the questions, only talk about them. The poets liked to explore things for themselves much like the community. They did not accept the orthodox explanations for both nature and the universe. With a world of changing values, religious, political and scientific, metaphysical poetry attempts to create a medium for the realistic questions of the complexities and diversities of personal experience.

John Donne is the most renowned of the metaphysical poets or as you called them, “old fogies.” His poetry was a progress of his own soul, his relationship with God and reflections on his sinfulness. It was the intrinsic limitations of the human condition, not the achievements of the students that made metaphysical poetry relevant in the sixteenth century. Universal forces such as love, the soul and death cannot be overcome or explained. Questions about such forces do not have a scientific explanation. Metaphysical poetry discusses these questions and relates to everyone who reads them, as the poets do not answer the questions. They leave the answers up to the mind to decide, believe in your own opinion and own answer on these inquisitions.

A good example of Donne’s poetry is “The Sunne Rising.” The universal theme he uses in this poem, much like the others, is love. In the first stage in the poem, it is almost like he is trying to lower the King by saying whilst youre out hunting, Im in bed! This is the device that Dunne uses by allowing us, the reader, to be privileged enough to enter his world by the form of closure. It seems like Dunne is trying to make you feel like his partner, see how she views him, make you experience what love in their world is all about, and just why they value it so much. In the poem he is saying that nothing else in their world exists, all that matters is each other and that no matter how much people try to mimic him nothing can match what they both hold in their hearts. The poem uses such beautiful language, using conversational tone, to dispute with the sun itself using every solar movement to fit his case. The opening in this poem is a mock hymn to the morning sun, he addressed the sun as “busy old fool, unruly sun.” Donne was angry at the morning sun as it woke him and his lover in the morning, then Donne degrades the sun by sating that he could make the sun disappear by only closing his eyes. He then says that his lovers eyes have blinded him because of her beauty and the sun is no longer a problem. We can sense Donne’s cocky masculine assurance, his elation and confidence diminish the creator of life to a harmless fool. Many of Donne’s poems like “The Sunne Rising,” are complex and complicated to understand and read unless they are studied well, this I feel is beneficial to the students when they study poetry, because poetry can not be learnt unless each poem is examined and read with precision. Metaphysical poetry must be examined and read carefully for you to understand and this is another factor about why metaphysical poetry should be studied at school.

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