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"reasons for the Crusades"

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Dear Sir Robert,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that I have come to a decision on whether I will be accompanying you on the Crusades. After reading your last letter I am pleased to say that I will assist you in the crusades. Our Christian empire once was powerful and vast, but as years past the accursed Muslims have stripped huge masses of land from us. In my opinion this is an outrage, this land conquered rightfully by our ancestors belongs to us. We should not, and cannot allow the Muslims in the name of a Holy Jihad, torture innocent peoples lives. I, Sir Gorion will assist you in the crusades because we must stop the terrible crimes committed by the Persians, take back the holy city of Jerusalem, and defend our religion of Christianity.

I am very disturbed by what is taking place in the East. Word has come that the Muslims have not only burned down our towns but are also torturing fellow innocent Christians. It is unacceptable that these infidels are allowed to run around raping our women and killing our men. Thousands are being killed as we speak, if we do nothing, who will defend the children of God. It is our duty to rid this world of these people. There are gruesome stories of torture to prisoners of this violent cruel race. They begin by puncturing the victims naval and dragging the intestines out, next they nail this to a stake and pull the body back until all of the persons insides lay a bloody mess on the ground. The terrible thing is that the victim of this ghastly crime is alive as these steps are carried out. Can those that call themselves the chosen of God stand back as such crimes are committed in neighboring towns? I for one will not stand for it, we must rally our soldiers and defend ourselves against such atrocious acts of aggression. For this reason I believe it is our duty to go on this crusade and purify this world from such ungodly people.

Our ancestors were given the land of milk and honey by our God, this race hated by God has taken this land away from us. We need to heed Gods call and take back what is rightfully ours. If this land is taken, we will prosper in unimaginable ways. This region is right in the midst of great empires such as India and China. It will also provide us numerous trade routes which will allow us to acquire vast amounts of wealth. This wealth will allow us to build new monasteries and spread the word of God. Our people will have access to such luxuries as spices and precious gems. This land will also give us great position to go on future conquests and accumulate more land for the use of God. It is Gods desire that we go on this conquest if not to eradicate the Persian empire, then to conquer the city of Jerusalem. This holy city of our Lord, is as we speak, being used for heathen rituals and practices. God desires that we, his children take up the call and liberate this wonderful city. Those that go on this crusade should offer God a living sacrifice and must wear a cross on his breast. When they have fulfilled the work of God and wish to return home, they must wear the cross on their back between their shoulders. When this is done, only then will the person be blessed and forgiven of all his past transgressions. As we do Gods word, we can also be pardoned for past mistakes, so ask yourselves what you have to lose.

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Though we worship the same God, the worshipers of Allah believe that it is their duty to rid the world of Christians or non-believers. It is up to us to defend our religion. As Pope Urban II said, if we do not defend our religion who will? It is our duty to try to convert these people and bring them to the light. We must go on the Crusades not only to recapture the land but to spread our religion to the native people of this land. We must reach these people before the Muslims corrupt their minds with their false teachings. Christianity, the true religion of God must be the dominant religion in the land, in order to make this true we must zealously try to spread the word. The Muslims are expanding and their influence grows with it, more people are being drawn to their ungodly culture and rituals. We must take it upon ourselves to prevent this from occurring. I, for one will not stand around as these people threaten my religion and spread their lies, so I ask all the doubters, are you a true Christian or are you just pretending?

Many people may say that it is unwise to go and fight the Muslims on such short notice. This is rubbish for if the Lord is with us, who can stand against us? These people are performing crimes as we speak, we must stop them before another woman is raped or another innocent child is tortured and killed. Others will say that we will fail because we are not well organized and prepared, this too is false, because with the help of God we will become unified and recapture the city of Jerusalem. In order to prevent disunity I personally will make sure the generals are experienced and know how to command their men. Many successful wars and battles were doubted at first, we cannot allow idle criticism to prevent us from achieving our goal. Yet another reason to take part in these crusades is to stop Muslims from taking our land, if we do not retaliate they will continue to strip land away from us. An easy way to stop them is by going on the offensive. Our army will thwart our foes for we have superior technology that will enable us to overpower them. With the help of our Lord we will regain the land that once belonged to our ancestors. The longer we take to respond, additional crimes will be committed and more land taken away from fellow Christians. I recommend that we all attack Jerusalem quickly, as to catch the Muslims off guard, every day we wait to attack, gives them more time to prepare. In the time we take, more people will also fall victim to the Muslim influence. We can not allow this to continue, so I beseech you to gather your men at once and ready yourselves to go on a crusade for the Lord.

In these Crusades we wish to accomplish the following goals, first to stop the horrible crimes committed by the Persians against the Franks, second to recapture the holy city of Jerusalem and finally to defend Christianity. I, Sir Gorion will lead the crusades against the Muslims, the question is how many of you, so called Christians are willing to sacrifice, to do the will of our God.


Sir Gorion

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