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"Hidden Wars of Desert Storm"

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The film “Hidden Wars of Desert Storm” is informative and shows many significant interviews that demonstrate the beginning of the Gulf War and its terrible consequences. In 11, The United States launched a rush of mass murder and mass destruction upon small, impoverished third-world country. George Bush and the military finally got to make use of their high-tech destruction. The film suggests the U.S government basically lied to the entire world when stating the reasons for U.S deployment was strictly defensive and necessary to protect Saudi Arabia from Iraqi invasion. That the Bush administration wanted the war is obvious by its steadfast refusal to enter into any genuine negotiations with Iraq that could have achieved a diplomatic solution.

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The film also brings the mysterious “Gulf War Syndrome” that goes on affecting hundreds of thousands of Gulf War Veterans and local populations to ones attention. The pollution factor in Iraq arises from the secret use by the Pentagon of Uranium, a very hazardous waste that damages various parts of the human body. The military failed to inform soldiers about the heavily contaminated parts around them. “Hidden wars” looks at both the sick US veterans’ condition and at the health crisis situation in Southern Iraq. To this day, 46,000 people confirmed to have entered radiotoxic areas. By 18, 48 patients were dead of cancer in these areas, including young children born with ovarian cancer.

Presently, 700,000 U.S military personal that served in the Gulf have filed for disability and 10,000 have already died. The Pentagon denies any allegations.

“Hidden wars of Desert Storm” takes a closer look at our U.S government and questions every action taken during the Gulf War. What was the character of this war? Iraq neither attacked nor threatened the United States. The Bush administration, on behalf of the giant oil corporations and banks, sought to strengthen its power of this region. As is usual in such wars, the government is obliged to mask the truth about the war in order to win over the people of this country. Thats why it is important to get the facts. There is sufficient evidence when watching “Hidden Wars” that the U.S. was involved in major propaganda in the Gulf War.

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