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war against Iraq

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More War anyone?

By Jon Leffert

Eng. 101-76

Why we Invaded Iraq

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The Big V in Iraq


obert Dreyfuss say’s it pretty well in the Leo, If you were to spin the globe and

look for real estate critical to building an American empire, your first stop would

have to be the Persian Gulf. The Desert sands of this region hold two of every three barrels of oil in the world � Iraq’s reserves alone are equal, by some estimates, to those of Russia, the United States, China and Mexico combined. Wow, now that’s a lot of oil just think for a moment and visualized how big that really is and the many different needs and applications we have, then try and think how fast we can consume it all. Can you picture how much our own life would change due to a lack of this energy resource? The United States could become a very different place than what we know of it today. With out this energy resource the United States could no longer effectively protect it assets from outside invading nations and if it were, than we as a nation would soon find ourselves struggling amongst ourselves as individuals just to survive. Remember the thoughts that went through your head when the price of gas rose (I do), well now image if you could no longer purchase gas no matter how much money you had - what then? I see total chaos taking place right here in the United States if this were ever to happen and a fierce competition between the once calm people of the land. This path of chaos could become the direction responsible for our own destruction � which has been naturally instilled in to our souls by good old Mother Nature - a necessary means for survival. The destruction would come from our own doing.


he United States alone cannot produce enough oil to support itself let alone survive for much longer on its own reserves. Never the less the United States will need to import more and more oil to support its growth as time passes and eventually it will run dry or we will no longer be able to afford to import it. Because of this problem the United States has been looking into ways to secure its future. One of those ways is to diversify from oil and use an alternate source of energy. As an example we could use solar energy from the sun or the cold fusion process of hydrogen, but the problem with this approach is that we do not posses the technology able to fully utilize any of these processes efficiently. Also you must not forget that all the uses of oil we have today would need to be converted over into the new process - which could be very devastating in cost, material, and time. However, the United States and different companies have began the long process of supplementing other forms of energy in conjunction with the consumption of oil � which uses more than one energy resource combined together as a hybrid. In turn these hybrids produce better efficiency consumption rather than the use of just one resource. A second method which happens to be the most favorable would be to secure a large source of this very valuable black liquidized treasure. It happens to be that for the past 0 years, the Gulf has been in the crosshairs of an influential group of Washington foreign-policy strategists, who believe that in order to ensure its global dominance; the United States must seize control of the region and its oil.


n the geopolitical vision driving current U.S. policy toward Iraq, the key to national

security is global hegemony � dominance over any and all potential rivals. To that

end, the United States must not only be able to project its military forces anywhere, at

any time. It must also control key resources chief among them oil � and especially Gulf


I personally do not like war or anyone who inflicts it upon others, but it seems to be persistent all through human history. Unfortunately war itself does play an important role in the development and growth of human civilization. However, it can also cause the destruction of a civilization. So I leave these words behind for that is how I feel knowing that for my family and I will survive one way or another. In the current design of the world today and for the past no one to my knowledge has given up their property with out a conflict or battle of some kind. Hopefully the human race will be able to solve this problem with out the need to kill another soul. Anyone who can relate to living in the world today has already or will soon come to see how everything grows in life and for anything to grow their must be space if not, then somebody is going to be giving up there space for the other’s growth or Vice vs. Versa. When this happens a conflict of some kind always comes out whether it’s a battle or a full evasion of war. This is the sacrifice that we must make to become better and to grow � whether we can solve it in peace or not were going to get what we need to survive.

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